Accelerator Swarm offers start-ups crypto-currency funds

SwarmBitcoin 2.0 Platform Swarm, ‘the world’s first’ distributed accelerator that allows companies to raise funds by issuing their own crypto-currencies, is taking applications from UK crypto-currency startups for its new accelerator programme in London.

The 12-week programme will focus on helping startups grow their businesses through a combination of peer-to-peer mentoring, technical assistance and access to resources designed for startups in crypto-currency and its surrounding ecosystem. Continue reading

Collins English Dictionary launches new word search on Twitter

Collins_DictionaryIn a so-called ‘new development for dictionary publishing’, the Collins English Dictionary is using data from Twitter to identify new words, and asking Twitter users to vote on which one should be included in the next edition of the dictionary.

Every year new words come and go, but online interaction and social media have speeded up the process as new words and ideas go viral. Lexicographers at Collins are using Twitter’s powerful data as a research tool to help uncover new and emerging words on the internet, to study their usage, and measure their popularity. Continue reading

The lyrics and video of Hurricane by Bob Dylan – #RIP Rubin Carter

Rubin Carter is dead, four decades after he was stitched up by the American Old Bill. Even those who think that Dylan can’t sing love this song. I heard it the first time with stoned mates in a car on the way to see The Wall (Pink Floyd film) in Leicester Square (London).

It was also the first song I ever heard on a Walkman when I borrowed one outside Delhi airport in the middle of travelling. When I heard he had been freed from jail I started shouting when I was in a chauffeur-driven car with an ex-girlfriend’s father – “Was there something on the news that interested you, Monty?” said the toff. You bet there was, mate.

It is an amazing song and did amazing things in the dark times of 1970s American justice and racism. Here are the words (that all good Dylan fans know by heart): Continue reading

PRODUCT REVIEW: Impact Snap Case for Macbook Air

tech21Whether it’s a Palo Alto cafe or a pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch, the use of Macbooks is ubiquitous and it is a badge of tech honour to be seen with one (naturally I have one myself).

So, the idea of wrapping aforesaid Macbook in a black cover seems like anathema to any visible hipster, but style over substance means nothing if that expensive bit of kit is dropped and broken. Continue reading