PRODUCT REVIEW: Impact Snap Case for Macbook Air

tech21Whether it’s a Palo Alto cafe or a pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch, the use of Macbooks is ubiquitous and it is a badge of tech honour to be seen with one (naturally I have one myself).

So, the idea of wrapping aforesaid Macbook in a black cover seems like anathema to any visible hipster, but style over substance means nothing if that expensive bit of kit is dropped and broken. Continue reading

Stories 2 # Compton to the Brentford FC West Hollywood restaurant

continued from here.dan_tanas

So, my Hummer mates are black, their car dances with the bass, it’s only 5pm. Some of my best friends are white.

They track me back to the Harley depot, I ask them to shot their guns in the air because I’ve ridden 600 miles in 36 hours. Just for me, dudes.

it wasn’t a very clever thing to say, almost blew it. Got it back over a cigarette and a story about the bass player in an acid jazz band, a man who i’d never met, but had taken my previous girl from me. As a mate, who also cut her hair, told me in Nepal… ‘Monty, you’ve got fuck-all, he had a speeedboat”. Yeah, fair enough. Continue reading

Stories 1 # Vegas to LA via the Mojave Desert

Easy RiderThe Boomtown Rats turned to motorbikes and all-nighers at The Scala in Kings Cross, movies like Midnight Express or Cheech and Chong and Easy Rider.

Posters, not of Geldof, but of Dennis Hopper and the Fonda son, dreams of Califonia; died with other shit; as time went by.

Then, 15 years of winters as a despatch rider, broken arm, broken knee, like a National Hunt jockey, the best biker of his generation; went to Le Mans once, first time with other bikers… better. Continue reading