Children are only three clicks away from inappropriate or adult content on YouTube

Safer-Internet-Day-600x400Today is Safer Internet Day and some disturbing research results from Kaspersky Lab highlights how crucial that YouTube gets its ‘suggested videos’ act together.

Examining YouTube’s ‘suggested’ videos that sit visibly alongside children’s TV programmes such as Peppa Pig, Rastamouse and Dora the Explorer, researchers found that on average users are just three clicks away from content suited to an adult audience.

Music videos featuring violence, guns and nudity, and clips of post watershed television programmes are such examples within these three clicks and highlight the risks such sites pose if parental controls are not activated or children are left unattended while browsing

“It’s worrying to see just how simple it is for children to access videos of an adult nature on YouTube. Safer Internet Day is all about educating and promoting safer, more responsible behaviour for young people, but adults must take responsibility too.

“Having parental controls in place is vital and can be highly effective in combatting objectionable material. YouTube’s Safety Mode feature aims to help parents screen out unsuitable content, but it can’t provide 100% protection”, said David Emm, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

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  1. While parental controls are important, perhaps even more important is making sure that you’re keeping an eye on what your child is doing. It’s really no different to sitting down and reading with a child. Internet time, during formative years, is something that should be done together. In theory this should help with trust issues later on when your child is a little older.

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