FTSE 350 CEOs struggle with the digital personal touch


FTSE 350 companies with CEOs who employ a digitally connected leadership style generate better commercial performance overall
according to a new study

The research, commissioned by Sitecore, a web content management and customer experience management software company, reveals that only 7% of leaders are engaging with their stakeholders and consumers in a two-way dialogue using digital channels.

The Sitecore study also reveals that nearly a fifth (17.6%) of leaders employ a one-way leadership approach, meaning they focus on broadcasting information via digital channels but fail to engage consumers in a two-way dialogue, while 63% of the businesses researched adopt a ‘corporate’ approach to their digital communications using a marketing/PR team but without the input of the CEO.

Moreover, 12.6% of the companies researched have no digital interaction or engagement with the public whatsoever, which will come as no surprise to the digital community who regard these companies as monkeys banging bones against monoliths, as in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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