ConnectID address book ready to usurp LinkedIn

A new real-time business social network is set to shake up the jaded LinkedIn model

ConnectID‘The last thing you should have to worry about is maintaining somebody else’s contact details’.

This is the mantra and mission statement from London-based company ConnectID, which has released a real-time social network on Android and the iOS, promising instant contact updates to those who sign up.

The company officially launched in December 2015 and it wants to transform the world’s contact information and change our behaviour for how we access and share contact details. Think of those physical business cards on your desk … imagine them being automatically updated as soon as you touch them.

The Founder of the company is Tassos Papantoniou, a yachtbroker who has experience of how long it takes to find the right yacht for a person and his concomitant network. His Co-Founder, Alison Wightman was Head of Digital at Virgin Atlantic for eight years and is passionate about what the network offers both consumers and businesses.

“We want to organise the world’s contact information and change how we all share and update contacts. Our patented technology will keep an address book up to date and backed up simply by joining the service,” she says.

The company is also being innovative in other ways and has applied to pitch to Richard Branson as part of Virgin’s #VOOM competition and if it gets through this round it could be part of a Guiness world book of records Pitchathon attempt, which would be pretty cool in itself.

ConnectID is one of those simple ideas that look more obvious the longer you think about it. After some serious road-testing, the app is durable, useful and saves a lot of time. I’m going to vote for it in the #VOOm competition, I suggest many of you should do the same.

How to restrict in-app purchases on Apple devices

It is very simple to turn off in-app purchases on Apple devices, here’s how.


Every parent’s nightmare is the one where the mobile operator bill arrives and the kids have been spending thousands of Pounds/Euros/Dollars on in-app purchases.

As is its wont and in its interest, Apple’s default setting is for these purchases to be allowed. So, it takes about 30 seconds to stop this being a nightmare and a dream where everybody can spell at night. This is how you do it:

* On the iOS device, open the Settings screen. Tap General, and then tap Restrictions.

* Tap the option to Enable Restrictions. Enter and then re-enter a Restrictions passcode.

* By default, all of the apps and services are allowed. To disallow in-app purchases, tap on its button.

* From this point, all in-app purchases are disallowed and will only be activated if No Restrictions are reapplied

So now you know… all contributions to my entertainment budget gratefully received now that I’ve saved you all thousands of Pounds/Euros/Dollars.

Ibiza clubland now available via crowdfunding

One of Ibiza’s best clubs is using crowdfunding on Seedrs for a better type of crowd.


Unlike the delightful lady depicted left ‘larging it’ in Ibiza, the club Alter Ibiza is not keeping quiet about its plans about opening in July, offering ‘seasoned’ clubbers the chance to own a part of the island’s clubland.

Last week, it released 18.03% equity to Europe’s crowdfunding platform Seedrs to ‘shift the island’s focus back on true value for money for a more mature, sophisticated audience’. The people behind Alter Ibiza want to create a stunning destination for those whose clubbing was once a way of life; “The original one-nighter generation” as Time Out’s Nightlife Editor once described them.

These more seasoned Ibiza lovers account for nearly 1.3 million of Ibiza’s tourism statistics every year. The club will have an over-25s door policy with teams of promoters specifically selected to tailor to the musically educated.

“We are delighted this club is raising on Seedrs. To our knowledge, this is the first time a nightclub has ever launched an equity crowdfunding campaign, so it is a unique opportunity for our investor base and anyone in the UK who is passionate about the white isle,” said Ekaterina Steube, Campaigns Success Manager at Seedrs.

While there are many of us who enjoy a decent night out and for whom Ibiza was indeed a way of life, investing in a night club seems as relevant as the Queen pogoing to the Sex Pistols. Still, for the old-timers out there, making such an investment on Seedrs may have some upside.

Presumably, such investors will be able to forsake any queues to get into the club and will be directed to the VIP area, that hallowed place that only the young and beautiful could aspire to. Money is wasted on the old, while youth is wasted on the young… this idea could join them up quite neatly.

25% of young UK people happy to date a robot

Tech Me Out: a new survey says a quarter of young people would happily date a robot


The future looks as if it’s going to be weird. A new report to mark from ComRes research to the launch of FutureFest 2016 says that 26% of young people (aged 18-34) in the UK said that they would happily date a robot – provided their android partner looked just like a real-life human being.

There may be more digital shocks in store. One third (34%) of people in the UK say they would be microchipped at work if their privacy was 100% guaranteed, but more than half (62%) say that they would not swap an analogue meal for a digital pill.

Moreover, 50% of Brits who already use contactless bank cards say that they would be happy to have microchips implanted under their skin to open doors or log on at work, and a third (32%) of all British adults believe that in 50 years’ time the sale of fizzy drinks to under-16s will be as tightly controlled as tobacco is today.

Such research naturally has an agenda when promoting a conference that will discuss the future, but the Generation Gap is likely to become much wider as the proliferation of robots

“As humans, we are all born with our own in-built crystal ball about the future. It’s in our nature to have dreams and schemes about better and more exciting worlds to come. We’re exploring playful, emotional and working futures – using world-class speakers, new commissions and installations, and a range of opportunities for our super-smart audiences,” said Pat Kane, Curator of the Play theme at this year’s event.

Since its inaugural event in 2013, FutureFest has hosted Dame Vivienne Westwood in conversation with Edward Snowden, legendary funk musician George Clinton, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, author Jon Ronson, social entrepreneur and model Lily Cole, amongs others.

I, meanwhile, have yet to receive my speaking invitation. Still, they can always use a robot, nobody would be able to tell.

Hootsuite launches social media video Integrations

Hootsuite integrates video via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Social media platform Hootsuite has announced video integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now organisations can manage their videos from a single platform, reducing complexity and increasing reach across social to improve customer engagement..

According to the company, ‘in the ever-changing digital landscape, video has shifted from a nice-to-have tool for marketers to an integral communication channel for businesses’. It cites that in 2015 Facebook more than doubled its video view sto eight billion, tweets containing video receive more than twice as many RTs as those without and the time users spend watching videos on Instagram has soared 40% in the past 6 months.

From the Hootsuite platform, users can approve, schedule, and publish videos across social networks. The video integrations also allow users and companies to monitor comments and collaborate to manage multiple accounts so that they can respond faster to customers’ enquires.

While investing in videos is a good first step, just posting videos is not enough to make an impact with audiences. To truly get the most out of video, businesses need to use social to increase its reach and credibility. According to a new online survey conducted by Hootsuite, 58% of respondents are more likely to watch a video if it has been shared by friends or family on a social network.

“Our new video integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram underscores how crucial video is to organisations as they evolve their digital transformation strategies. These integrations will better support our clients who are investing in video for broad appeal, promotion and education to really engage and grow their audience,” said Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite.

All of this is very interesting, but I prefer TweetDeck to Hootsuite, but if it wasn’t for either platform, then Twitter would not be the so-called force it is today. The future is clearly video; brands and companies need to start acting quickly or they will be left behind.