Communities are the next games play for Palringo

IMG_20140919_143357A sunny day in Sweden is the type of experience that makes the visitor feel cleansed, vibrant and healthy… even after a pint of Guinness and a pie at a tourist pub in Gothenburg.

People-spotting here is so modern that it wouldn’t be that weird to see a couple of pregnant men walking around talking to mothers, driverless cars parking themselves or air-bicycles being softly pedalled by children on the way back from school.

What would be weird, however, is a man without a checked shirt or beard. If London’s Shoreditch has beards, then Sweden’s Gothenburg owns beards. Bearded Londoners look like Beau Brummell, bearded Swedes look like Grizzly Adams. Continue reading

Mobile games: Playing with the group dynamic

It was the 16th Century English poet John Donne who said that ‘no man is an island entire of itself’ and this maxim has endured for almost 500 years. Effectively Donne was saying that humans need to be in groups, not in isolation.

The need to participate in actions is crucial to humanity. When we do this with things we love, our levels of engagement and happiness soar. Watching football is better in the pub or with friends around, playing sport is better in a team and going to a gig with mates is more enjoyable than going alone. Continue reading


CAT_B15QI recently had the highly depressing and long-winded experience of breaking the screen on my Nexus 4. If there was ever a cottage industry that needs modernising, it’s that one.

It took two suppliers, three attempts, four weeks and £135 to fix the screen and made me think differently about the so-called ‘strongphones’ that are becoming increasingly popular. Continue reading

150-WORD BOOK REVIEW: Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson

final.cover__0Like most of you, I read the Internet for the articles. Not everyone’s the same. It will come as no surprise to anyone to learn just how pervasive online porn is. One study in 2010 suggested that 37% of the Internet comprises of pornographic material. Given the speed at which we’re sharing videos, images and more online (even inadvertently), that’s likely to be even higher now. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ease with which people can access this content and the amount of time that some spend engaging with it is having a massive effect on psyches, personalities, performance and more.

Your Brain on Porn is the culmination of years of research and reams of stories told on the website of the same name. It’s a damning indictment of the effect that porn is having on an increasing number of people – psychologically and physiologically. A hugely engaging read which talks about a problem that’s only getting worse.


We went to Soweto and made a little video

Last weekend, three mates and I had an amazing weekend in Soweto. We went with the great Ilan Ossendryver, an experienced photojournalist who took us around some garden/football projects he was involved in.

We drank with the locals, ate meat with the locals, took pictures of the locals (with respect and their permission), watched the night Orlando Pirates football live at the stadium with the locals and even jumped 70 metres inside an abandoned cooling tower into a net (NEVER AGAIN) with the locals.

This is a one-minute video that ends abruptly, but is still a little bit of fun about a magical day.