Brandwatch launches world’s first ‘social command center’

brandwatch_command_centerSocial media monitoring company Brandwatch has launched its first new product for six years, Brandwatch Vizia, a reinvention of the traditional social media ‘command center’.

Powered by the company’s social media analytics platform, Vizia provides multi-screen visual displays of real-time social media data and means customizable displays can be broadcast on any screen, including smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

TWO YEARS ON: Which startup is Europe’s next €100 million exit?

€100 million_exitTwo years ago, I wrote a piece for TechCrunch about which European startup was ‘cleared for the next €100+ million exit’ and picked out five European companies that I considered the most likely to do so.

A lot can happen in two years, but as can be seen from the summaries below, all five have ‘moved on’, pulled in more funding and taken their businesses to another level. These five predictions weren’t too far off the mark and I’m currently putting together another list of five companies that look as if they have huge potential. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Continue reading

The polls say No to Scottish Independence, the data says something else

scottish_independence_onlineThere are still more than 400 days to go before the referendum on Scottish independence, but one gambler has no doubts about which way the poll will go.

In the largest single political bet ever taken by bookmaker William Hill, he has staked £200,000 at total odds of less than 1/5 that independence will be rejected. He is a very confident man and will only win £36,666 if he does so, but he seems to be only acting with common sense. Continue reading

Digital is bringing football to the point of collapse

GUEST POST: Joel Windels tweets here and is the Community Director for social media measuring company Brandwatch

digital footballFootball is on the brink of financial collapse. It’s an issue that relevant governing bodies have scrambled to address in varying ways, but the problems are rooted far deeper than fickle billionaires and greedy footballers.

The digital revolution has been stampeding through almost every entertainment industry – which few will deny is what football ultimately is – as the footsteps of technological advances leave no cultural opiate untrodden. Continue reading

What do you get when you cross classic strategy frameworks with a start-up?

* This is a guest post from Bryan Tookey, UK MD of social media monitoring company Brandwatch who also tweets here

What do you get when you cross classic strategy frameworks with a start-up? Paralysing indecision. This rather depressing conclusion came to me two years into my role as the COO of our company, a start-up that has been booming in the social media monitoring sector.

I was confident I could help frame and direct the company’s strategy, having spent six years as a strategic consultant at McKinsey and then four years with strategically minded jobs at Google and (two companies with very different strategic needs). Continue reading