About Magnus Alm

Magnus is CMO of Palringo as of April 2014 when his company Free Lunch Design was acquired. With a background in both marketing and mobile games, his expertise covers both app store marketing and game development. Palringo is a group messaging app with a focus on the convergence between community and gaming. Developing and publishing mobile games to a global audience. Magnus is a frequent lecturer at conferences such as Casual Connect, Nordic Game and Develop Conference.

Mobile games: Playing with the group dynamic

It was the 16th Century English poet John Donne who said that ‘no man is an island entire of itself’ and this maxim has endured for almost 500 years. Effectively Donne was saying that humans need to be in groups, not in isolation.

The need to participate in actions is crucial to humanity. When we do this with things we love, our levels of engagement and happiness soar. Watching football is better in the pub or with friends around, playing sport is better in a team and going to a gig with mates is more enjoyable than going alone. Continue reading

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