REVIEW – Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Vibrator

The dophamine dual stimulation sex toy is perfect in times of Covid

dophamineNot every story published on this site is by its male owner and sometimes that is obvious, not least in this case because I am a female and this review is about a sex toy for a woman.

Well, I think it was a sex toy for a woman, but anything goes in 2020, so please do not be offended by the previous paragraph. If so, I heartily apologise for any offense taken. But, kind of, get over it.

In the real world, the Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Simulation Vibrator is perfect in times of plague because if your lockdown is loosening, there are also other parts of you that need to be undone, not least your desire to have fun.

If only I could have this product two months ago when my boyfriend told me that he was going to move in with parents in Cornwall and that the thought of us living in either of our two cramped London flats was too much in bear.

In retrospect, they do have a garden, so he may have been right. However, while I don’t have him here, I certainly have time for my Tracy’s Dog that has been keeping me every happy during these lonely nights… and pretty much any of the time… and several times a day.

I would love to go into details and tell you what exactly happens when Tracy’s Dog and I get into bed together, lie down on the sofa together or even when we go down the park together in the early hours of the morning.

But I’ll leave it there, with a full 10 out of 10… maybe an 11 when it’s outdoors.

Who has time for a boyfriend? Maybe he should stay with his parents for longer, I’m not sure I need him any more.

BlockSpeak 5 – Mark W. Yushko, Founder Morgan Creek Capital

BlockSpeak 5 is a conversation about the dictators love a crisis.

BlockSpeak 5BlockSpeak 5 is an important contribution to the current debate about the health and economic crisis facing our world in the time of Covid-19 and plague.

As the pandemic approaches its peak in the countries that were first affected, Mark W. Yushko, the founder of Morgan Creek Capital, a $2 billion hedge fund, emerges as a champion of freedom from the settlement of capital.

Yushko, a long-term fan of British culture who believes ‘his IQ goes up 40 points’ every time he has a conversation with an English person, takes his sword to tyrants who often use a crisis to disguise their actions and distract the populace.

Diving deeply into the history of democracy, Yushko begins from the 2008 financial crisis, but also explains how world wars are a key driver of capitalism and the military-industrial complex. He also spells out in very clear language, the danger of Donald Trump, not only to America, but to the rest of the world.

Setting a scene in which he says it is clear that Trump is currently obfuscating the American people in a bid to cancel this year’s November election and stay in power without being re-elected, Yushko also has consoling words.

These lay out the American constitution and the interregnum between the US election in November and the inauguration in January, 2021. This makes it impossible for Trump to stay in power unless the law of the country is changed.

This is powerful stuff from the founder of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund who would ordinarily prosper from a regime such as Trump’s and is an excellent counterweight to those who would say that US capitalists are all cut from the same cloth.

Somewhat different in tone and politics to the previous four episodes in BlockSpeak, this conversation is enlightening in tone and knowledge of the US constitution and the potential conflicts to come..

BlockSpeak 4 – Jonny Fry, CEO Teamblockchain

BlockSpeak 4 features a conversation about the history and future of money.

BlockSpeak 4
BlockSpeak 4 is all about money. When it comes to money, everybody has an opinion on what it is, what it was and what it may turn out to be. Is money value, is currency value, what is currency, what is value?

For those students who may have excellent qualifications in subjects such as sciences, languages or Classics, there are many more who did not receive a single lesson in how money works. The closest many got was ‘home economics’ and that was nebulous at best.

In this informative episode of BlockSpeak, Teamblockchain CEO Jonny Fry not only lays out the case for a blockchain and crypto future, he also gives listeners a crash-course in the power of money and which currencies have held sway over the past 500 years.

According to Fry, we are currently in the time of Dollar and that time may be coming to an end because Fry surmises that the most powerful global currency generally rules the world for 100 years before it is superseded by a new scion.

Before the dollar, the UK Pound was the prevailing wind. The British Empire enabled the UK to be the currency of choice until the end of World War I, when America went into the ascendant.

A century before it was the French Franc, 100 years earlier it was the Dutch guilder and before that the Escudo (Portugal/Spain). As the dollar potentially reaches the end of its ubiquity, what lies head?

Some may some that China’s new digital currency may be the winner, it may even be the incumbent fiat currency of the Yuan/Remnibi or it might just be Bitcoin, only ten years old, but beginning to take centre stage on the, er, world stage.

Fry knows his history, if not the future and BlockSpeak 4, rather like BlockSpeak 3 before it, is an episode to take notes and learn what they didn’t teach at school.

BlockSpeak 3 – Tales From El Gringo – John McAfee

BlockSpeak 3 features the elusive John Mcafee, currently hiding in Europe.

BlockSpeak 3BlockSpeak 3 was not expecting to land a superstar in its third week of broadcasting, but the irrepressible John Mcafee, location unknown, spoke to us from somewhere in Europe… or so he said.

For those who want to know more about McAfee the El Gringo documentary will tell you everything you will ever know… and more.

Let’s put it like this, you are unlikely to  ever see hammocks in the same way again.

However, McAfee is not necessarily a crazed individual who has lived the live of a pirate, he is also a Smart Corsair, he knows how to obfuscate and, having met him several times and been on his yacht, he is also an expert Svengali.

In this episode, it all starts quietly enough with McAfee coughing and spluttering his way through the interview, but then it goes haywire. First he introduces his wife, then they both tell the story of how they eluded being extradited from the Dominican Republic, back to the US where McAfee is a fugitive.

As his wife talks, McAfee drains a bottle of whisky and then proceeds to rant and ramble in the most coherent way that is hilarious, dangerous and outright entertaining.

Whether it’s cocaine-dealing in South America and ensuring that if you do mention the Chief of Police’s name when you’re pulled over with a few kilos then it had better be in your phone, or plain name-dropping, McAfee drops them all.

He may be a fan of Brad Pitt, but he doesn’t want him playing himself in a movie because he isn’t ‘crazy enough’. However, he’s happy to go along with Michael Keaton because that ‘son of a bitch is crazier than me’.

Don’t miss it, recommended viewing and not to be missed at any time, anywhere.

To view previous episodes go to the BlockSpeak page of this website or the main site at

Remote Working: How to Be More Productive

Remote working should be be a doddle. Rodney Laws tells us how to make it even easier… and more efficient.


Remote working means we often have to make do without our ‘home’ comforts we take for granted in the office. You’re working without your desktop PC with everything laid out just how you want it, or your desk organized to suit your daily routine. Instead, it’s just you and your laptop, and working on a smaller laptop is a less than perfect situation. 

Workplaces are changing and working from home is a much more common prospect. There are plenty of ways you can work remotely on your laptop and keep your productivity levels high though, here are just a few. 

Use an external mouse and keyboard

Ditching your laptop’s frustrating built-in keyboard and track-pad mouse for an external pairing is a huge quality of life improvement all remote workers can appreciate. The track-pad and keyboard on laptops are generally of lesser quality, especially on compact models. They can’t offer the same level of dexterity, hampering your working experience and forcing you to make compromises. These features may be useful when you’re literally using the laptop on your lap, but they feel unnatural and difficult when working at a desk. 

Invest in a good quality mouse and larger keyboard, they’re much more convenient options for getting substantial work done. Your typing speed will improve and your frustration levels will drop. A key part of successfully working remotely is replicating your most productive working condition, this classic pairing is essential to achieving that. 

Use a second screen

You never know just how important a second screen is until you get one. Just like a mouse and external keyboard, this is a quality of life improver you can’t afford to skip out on. 

Laptop screens are conventionally small and less likely to display all of the information a remote worker needs to see at once. Whatever your profession, chance are you need to keep track of a couple things at once, whether it’s research notes you’re writing from or multiple stats for a report. Jumping between windows and tabs just isn’t conducive to this kind of work. With a second screen, you can just simply turn your head. You’ll notice an immediate change in your productivity levels and find yourself with some extra time left over for other projects. 

If you’re a bit of a technophobe, this StarTech guide teaches you the difference between port styles so you can get your laptop hooked up to a display device without connection headaches. 

Adjust lighting

Just because you’re not working on your usual computer set up doesn’t mean your eyes should suffer. Eye-strain is a common ailment for office workers who spend a lot of time in front of a screen, and how well lit your screen is has a huge effect on that. If you’re working on a screen that’s too bright or too dim you could be hampering your productivity and doing permanent damage to your eyes. 

Before you start working for the day, make sure your screen brightness is adjusted to suit the lighting in the room. You should always aim to work in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light. Compensating for a dark room by turning the brightness up to its maximum will do more harm than good and slow you down in the long run. If you’re worried your battery will suffer from keeping the brightness turned up, make sure you’re working somewhere where you can keep your laptop charging permanently. 

Update all your software

Nothing will bring your productivity coming to a screeching halt faster than a slow laptop burdened with outdated software. To make sure you get as much done away from the office as you would do in it, spend some time the night before making sure all the software on the laptop is up to date and functioning properly. 

At some point, we’ve all told a software update ‘not now’, usually for a couple of months in a row. This is the time to accept that update though and make sure your laptop is in the best condition possible. It’ll save you slapping the poor thing out of frustration next time it freezes during a download. 

Block remote working distractions

Just because you’re working at home or in the hotel doesn’t mean you should be browsing Facebook every 15 minutes. Breaks are important, but distractions aren’t the same as breaks. You’re supposed to look away from the screen!

Set limitations for yourself, or, if you can’t control yourself it might be time to look into apps that block distraction websites, such as the ones listed here. There’s no reason for productivity to drop just because you’re out the office and no one is looking over your shoulder. You’re only giving yourself more work to do later anyway. 

Take a break 

Not the most groundbreaking advice, but it’s just as important to take breaks frequent breaks when working at home as it is in the office. The more breaks you take the less likely to get distracted you become. 

Take some time away from the screen and stand up to stretch your muscles. Take advantage of the fact you’re working remotely with a laptop and move around a bit. You aren’t confined to your desk and can work wherever you want, so work in bed, work in the coffee shop or do a couple of hours outside if you need to. Find what suits you and vary it up. 

Remote work can be exciting, but it comes with its own challenges to remain productive. These features should make it as easy as possible to work to your high standards on your laptop.