Connect+Convert opens the web doors of perception

connect+convertDigital agency NotOnlyButAlso has launched its first online product Connect+Convert, a tool that lets customers know which companies have been looking at their website and how to connect with them.

Named after a 1960s BBC comedy show starring the loved and departed Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, NotOnlyButAlso was founded in 2002 and has worked with clients such as the BBC, Five TV, Virgin Media and Turner Broadcasting across design and interactive channels.

Connect+Convert is also being promoted on Indiegogo to define and refine the prototype for the model, although the company says this is for awareness purposes, not funding in itself. An interesting approach to the crowdfunding model, almost a crowdthinkingaboutit version.

“Connect Convert comes from our experience that people aren’t utilising their websites enough. You can’t just post information and expect the phone to ring, you have to engage with your customers, establish what they need and who they are and create a genuine two way conversation.” Dan Grant – Managing Director of NotOnlyButAlso.

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