Boxing clever beats other apps to the iPunch

ipunchA new Indiegogo campaign it trying to beat other apps to the, er, punch with a pair of data-enabled boxing gloves.

As the Quantified Self movements increases in momentum, after Apple’s recent announcement of its iPhone HealthKit product, the iPunch is literally a hardware product to help people’s fitness.

The iPunch produced by Responsive Sports is a boxing glove (well, two boxing gloves) that are the ‘world’s first smart combat gloves’ and connects to Android devices in three formats – iPunch trainer, Three Minute Round or Test of Strength to help become better boxers and fitter.

The battery for the gloves powers a sensor hidden in the wrist of the boxing glove and lasts for 300 three-minute round. These glovesbare sturdy, although the press release does warn against putting them in a washing machine. Now, that would be knocking somebody clean out… and nobody wants that.

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