Why Klout is a flawed model

Klout inaccuracyIn the 80s and early 90s, journalists on pop magazines (myself included) were driven by who was going to be attaining what position on next week’s charts.

We would have an idea as the midweek positions came in. The current positions and the future positions helped us think about which pop stars to put on a poster, on the cover or to chase for an interview. Continue reading

Live blogging and tweeting change the face of (boring) industry events

The industry event has been a feature of business since homo erectus sold his soul to become a biped, and sometimes nothing seems to have changed since those cave days.

If you’re of a certain age you’ll know what I mean. Interminably boring, expensive, pompous, time-wasting events that are designed to pouf the egos of presenters, usually men, who should stay in the office more and keep their PowerPoints to themselves. Continue reading