Six easy steps to set up a UK business – Part Two

There’s nothing like setting up a company for making you feel good. Instead of describing yourself as a consultant or between jobs or even freelancing, knowing that you are a founder and CEO does wonders for self-esteem and those awkward dinner parties.

Moreover, as the Bard once said, necessity is the mother of invention and running your own business does mean that you have to take everything seriously and take every opportunity to bring in business. Continue reading

Six easy steps to set up a business – Part One

Many years ago I came back to the UK after a long time on the road to a Thatcherite revolution where the markets had been unleashed and poor little wannabe Commies such as I were yesterday’s news.

It was a nightmare. Mammon ruled OK and the country’s assets were being sold off to investors. What was even worse were that previous friends of mine who couldn’t hold a decent conversation three years before were now running their own businesses. Continue reading