App developers cash in as wages go up 27% in 2012

The average annual pay for app developers has shot up 27% in just the last 12 months to £70K, up from £55K for senior developers,

According to a ReThink report, annual salaries for app developers, typically a programmer in an in-house web-team or a consultancy, easily outstrip salaries for web developers without app development skills. Salaries for traditional web developer roles average £60K. Continue reading

Six easy steps to set up a UK business – Part Four

Hello again and after teasing you for a couple of weeks this episode will tell you about what you have to pay and what you can claim for as your new business takes hold.

The first thing to do is not to become too carried away when those invoices are finally paid. It may look like a lot of money compared to your previous salary when you had a regular job, but those invoices are gross revenues. Continue reading