Will Vine become THE social network of 2014?

* This is a guest blog from Oliver West, Digital Director of design agency Arkitex

vineIf we compiled a list of all the available social networks it would stretch from our desk to the moon, OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but there are lots of them on the web, 99% of which you will never have heard of before.

There are obviously a collection of the more popular ones that you will be familiar with, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. New networks are popping up all the time trying to compete with the big players and ultimately most of them fail to gain the necessary traction to enter the game for one reason or another. Continue reading

Pitch’d brings advertisers to Vine and Instagram

London startup Pitch’d has launched a social video competition platform to help brands and agencies harness their followers’ creativity.

The Pitch’d platform lets brands and agencies initiate Vine and Instagram video competitions in a matter of minutes, challenging users to shoot short videos, then encouraging them to share with their networks. Continue reading

Some fantastic uses of Vine… putting the L into ROFL

There are some funny dudes out there and Vine means six seconds is long enough to make people laugh. I spat out my coffee watching the woman on the bus being woken up, I nearly wet my pants when I saw the card trick, loved the basketball series and the shower scene made me ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING.

Brilliant. Over the whole 11 minutes and 37 seconds I marvelled at the stream of invention coming from North America. Anybody in the UK doing anything amazing like this?