150-WORD BOOK REVIEW – The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

the_icarus_deceptionThis is a book that is designed to be read electronically, not in book form. It retails for a whopping £12.99 in the UK and is effectively a collection of sub-headings and sentences that are supposed to be inspirational.

Imagine a TED talk with exclamation marks mashed up with the evangelism of a mid-west preacher and you have The Icarus Deception. The vision herein is sophomoric, soporific and non-specific. He juxtaposes world figures with marginal US influencers and talks like a man clapping his hands around children.

There is the occasional insight, but the hectoring language make it difficult to know if these insights are really true or just overheard facts that haven’t been checked. I really didn’t like this book and I’m glad I’ve finished it. Godin boasts that he ignores trolls and never reads bad reviews. So, he won’t read this one either.

REVIEW: 2/10

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