About Us

Mob76 Outlook is a collection of daily exclusive news, satire and information on the tech and creative industries with contributions from a team of 15 writers and guest bloggers.

According to social media monitoring company Brandwatch, Mob76 is the 54th most influential blog in the UK and is read by a gamut of VCs, investors, publishers, entrepreneurs, mavens, influencers and broadcasters.

Founder Monty Munford has more than 15 years’ experience in mobile, digital media, web and journalism and returned to the UK in 2010 after living in India for two years where he consulted for clients such as Paramount Digital Entertainment in LA and Liverpool FC, and acted as a villain in two big Bollywood movies.

He is the founder of Mob76, a company that helps companies become investible and prepares them for exit. He speaks regularly at global media events, writes a weekly column for The Telegraph and writes for TechCrunch, The Economist, BBC Future, the Huffington Post and speaks regularly on the BBC World Service.

He tweets here and posts at Google+ here.