QuietOn Sleep ear plugs review


Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep and the arrival of some Quieton Sleep earplugs to review certainly woke me up when the box arrived in the post.

To say that the last 18 months have been stressful would be the understatement of the past 100 years. After the horror of 2020 and the uncertainty of 2021, the need to be free of anxiety has been the first priority of humanity.

Whether people are night owls or early risers, the need for sleep is a prerequistite for health and living longer as well as surviving the fear of Covid and this ever-present pandemic.

A completely new industry has formed promising all types of cures, nostrums and ‘solutions’ for the world’s sleeping crisis. To be able to get into bed and to awake rested is now fundamental to getting through life in one piece.

The first job is to get a comfortable bed and mattress, that is crucial for rest and an environment of quietude is also important, so the noise-cancelling QuietOn Sleep ear plugs are one way to achieve silence from outside noise, be that a snoring partner, near or distant traffic or anywhere that is not the preserve of a Cisterian monk.

The world’s religions know how important silence is for one’s health and beliefs as much as the rest of the world knows how noise can shatter somebody’s peace of mind.

The QuietOn Sleep earplugs offer such solace. As many airline travellers know, noise-cancelling products are invaluable, but the unwieldiness of headphones especially when trying to sleep creates discomfort.

Earplugs are the best alternative and they work just as well in a bed as they do on a flight. Coming with a foam layer, they are easy to lodge in the ear and don’t fall out as sleepers toss from my pillow to another.

At first, it can be a little discombobulating when waking to silence and one’s own thoughts, but the very nature of a good night’s sleep means that REM and deep sleep create good dreams, so it’s like awakening to the sun shining on your face, it really feels that good.

They’re not cheap, but quality products never are and QuietOn Sleep ear plugs are meant to last, rather like the human body when it is calm and rested. Forget the price, don’t lose the excellent cradle charger then come with and enjoy sweet dreams… zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

REVIEW: tFRWRD DIY Covid-19 Test (At Home)

Taking this Corona test at home takes patience but is awesome.

coronaCorona is a killer and nobody said that life was going to be easy, but on the run-up to Christmas 2019, life in retrospect was a breeze, as easy as pie, a walk in the park.

Now, 12 months on, the world is a different place after Corona, that nasty little crown, took nature’s advice and wreaked revenge on humans.

If you melt polar caps and set fire to the world’s biggest forests, where did we expect the pathogens to go? Disappear? Ha! No, they descended on us and now we’re a different, and more fearful, species.

Much has happened in 2020 and much will continue to happen. Mass testing and vaccines are the order of the day and it is clear that those who can afford to be tested and those who can acquire the vaccine are going to have very different lives to those who cannot.

Governments, immigration and airlines now demand testing certificates if people want to check their health, want to guarantee against self-isolation or even want to travel and get on a plane… without travelling miles to do so.

So, step forward the tFRWRD DIY Covid-19 Test, the Corona test that can be done at home before being dispatched to Vienna for test results and the ‘certificate’ to be well and to travel.

This is not an easy process and go that takes patience. The kit arrives by post with these, at first, confusing instructions.

1. ​Scan the QR code, download the app and register to complete the log-in process

2. Insert the cell phone into the recess provided and start video recording via the app

3. Insert the narrow tube into the holding point. Open the saline solution, put it in your mouth and rinse the oral cavity thoroughly for 60 seconds. Attention: Don’t swallow! After 60 seconds, rinse the straw into the insert narrow tubes and spit the saline solution into the tube through the straw

4. ​Discard the straw and the close tube with sealing adhesive. Place the tube in the transport container and close well

5. ​End video recording and close app and place the sample in the box and seal

6. ​Bring the test kit to the post office and send it off. You will get the laboratory test result directly on your app

This seems straightforward enough, but it takes time to go through the stages, not least the videoing of the process. However, this is a test for Corona and there can be no missteps… and this reviewer might be stupid.

It took me time to slavishly follow the instructions and just as I was about to emerge from the process to take my sample for shipment, I realized that I could only finish if I swapped browsers… of which there was no warning.

So, USE CHROME and save yourself a lot of time. Once that had been navigated and I had driven to a local outlet where I could send my sample via UPS, the rest of the experience was seamless.

I received an SMS letting me know at all times where my sample was and then, 24 hours later, an email saying I was negative. Job done.

There are increasingly a large number of options to testing for Corona. The UK has a number of centres where people can drive to and be tested there. Turnaround times are similar to that of tFRWRD DIY Covid-19 test, now least going privately.

But if you’re under lockdown for a considerable period of time and it’s difficult to go out into the world, stay at home and take the test using this product. It will give you peace of mind, even though it will send you a little mad actually doing it.

REVIEW: Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner

Ultrasound technology can also be used to assess body fat.

ultrasoundUltrasound is usually a word that is associated with childbirth and one that is usually associated with delight.

The mother-to-be has gel applied to her stomach and then a scanner shows the newborn’s features… I have such a photograph on the mantelpiece and something that only happens a couple of times in a parent’s lifetime

However, it can also be used in a more prosaic and regular way and that is to define the body fat of an individual, so please be introduced to the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner, a somewhat ingenious product that may help people to define and shape their body weight.

There are many who would question the need for such a product. Isn’t it just as easy to buy a pair of digital scales and then work out one’s needs that way? Maybe so, but those scales can be very unreliable. They have to be used on a flat surface for a correct number and they are notoriously fragile, not the best quality when they have only the one job.

According to the company, the Marvoto Z1 applies ultrasound imaging that has been used for more than 20 years and it has an excellent safety record. It is based on non-ionizing radiation, so it does not have the same risks as X-rays; comforting to know.

Using a QR scan to download an app, gel is applied to the waistline area and then the scanner is activated, it takes less than ten seconds to do this. Once the results are in, body fat can be measured on a daily basis.

Naturally, it is more applicable when somebody is beginning a regimen to get rid of their body fat and sculpt their body, so it is very useful as a tool to measure exercise and changes of diet. At first, it seems like a lot more effort than just standing on some scales, but in the long run the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound may prove to be a useful accessory.

REVIEW: PaMu Slide Mini Bluetooth Earphones

Mini means maximum quality when it comes to PaMu’s Slide earphones.

Mini earphones are probably the most unsociable technologies ever released. People stop talking when they’re listening and that was when wires were hanging from their ears.

Now it’s impossible to see who’s listening to what. Thanks to Bluetooth there are no wires and it just becomes pointless to talk to anybody; they won’t listen to you.

On the plus side, if those people are happy in their otic-channel, watching the world as if that’s the virtually reality and the music going through their ears is the real one, then they might as well do it with the right product that gives excellent quality and happy time.

The PaMu Slide Mini is one such product and it doesn’t cost the earth… well, as far as we know. The price, on the other hand, comes in at an economical $55 from the company’s website. That’s a huge saving of $94 on the previously listed price of $149.

They are extraordinarily comfortable, easy to charge and the box fits into any pocket… let’s say, a MINI pocket, because they’re so small.

For the technically minded, please go and read another blog because we only like specifics on this site; to wit:

– 2 Bluetooth Earbuds
– 1 Dual-Function Portable Charger
– 1 USB Charging Cable
– 6 Ear Tips
– 1 Carry bag

The self-charging box means it only takes five minutes to charge up the Mini Slides for up to an hour and, apparently, even galaxy-famous NBA stars think they’re awesome as well.

After an initial road-test, I handed them over to my teenage son in exchange for washing my car for the next two weekends. He seemed happy with this deal and they are part of his uniform now.

No matter that he doesn’t listen to a word I say anyway. At least, with the PaMu Mini Slides he has an excuse… he’s already in a different universe. I may as well talk to myself.

REVIEW – Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Vibrator

The dophamine dual stimulation sex toy is perfect in times of Covid

dophamineNot every story published on this site is by its male owner and sometimes that is obvious, not least in this case because I am a female and this review is about a sex toy for a woman.

Well, I think it was a sex toy for a woman, but anything goes in 2020, so please do not be offended by the previous paragraph. If so, I heartily apologise for any offense taken. But, kind of, get over it.

In the real world, the Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Simulation Vibrator is perfect in times of plague because if your lockdown is loosening, there are also other parts of you that need to be undone, not least your desire to have fun.

If only I could have this product two months ago when my boyfriend told me that he was going to move in with parents in Cornwall and that the thought of us living in either of our two cramped London flats was too much in bear.

In retrospect, they do have a garden, so he may have been right. However, while I don’t have him here, I certainly have time for my Tracy’s Dog that has been keeping me every happy during these lonely nights… and pretty much any of the time… and several times a day.

I would love to go into details and tell you what exactly happens when Tracy’s Dog and I get into bed together, lie down on the sofa together or even when we go down the park together in the early hours of the morning.

But I’ll leave it there, with a full 10 out of 10… maybe an 11 when it’s outdoors.

Who has time for a boyfriend? Maybe he should stay with his parents for longer, I’m not sure I need him any more.