REVIEW: Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner

Ultrasound technology can also be used to assess body fat.

ultrasoundUltrasound is usually a word that is associated with childbirth and one that is usually associated with delight.

The mother-to-be has gel applied to her stomach and then a scanner shows the newborn’s features… I have such a photograph on the mantelpiece and something that only happens a couple of times in a parent’s lifetime

However, it can also be used in a more prosaic and regular way and that is to define the body fat of an individual, so please be introduced to the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner, a somewhat ingenious product that may help people to define and shape their body weight.

There are many who would question the need for such a product. Isn’t it just as easy to buy a pair of digital scales and then work out one’s needs that way? Maybe so, but those scales can be very unreliable. They have to be used on a flat surface for a correct number and they are notoriously fragile, not the best quality when they have only the one job.

According to the company, the Marvoto Z1 applies ultrasound imaging that has been used for more than 20 years and it has an excellent safety record. It is based on non-ionizing radiation, so it does not have the same risks as X-rays; comforting to know.

Using a QR scan to download an app, gel is applied to the waistline area and then the scanner is activated, it takes less than ten seconds to do this. Once the results are in, body fat can be measured on a daily basis.

Naturally, it is more applicable when somebody is beginning a regimen to get rid of their body fat and sculpt their body, so it is very useful as a tool to measure exercise and changes of diet. At first, it seems like a lot more effort than just standing on some scales, but in the long run the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound may prove to be a useful accessory.

REVIEW: PaMu Slide Mini Bluetooth Earphones

Mini means maximum quality when it comes to PaMu’s Slide earphones.

Mini earphones are probably the most unsociable technologies ever released. People stop talking when they’re listening and that was when wires were hanging from their ears.

Now it’s impossible to see who’s listening to what. Thanks to Bluetooth there are no wires and it just becomes pointless to talk to anybody; they won’t listen to you.

On the plus side, if those people are happy in their otic-channel, watching the world as if that’s the virtually reality and the music going through their ears is the real one, then they might as well do it with the right product that gives excellent quality and happy time.

The PaMu Slide Mini is one such product and it doesn’t cost the earth… well, as far as we know. The price, on the other hand, comes in at an economical $55 from the company’s website. That’s a huge saving of $94 on the previously listed price of $149.

They are extraordinarily comfortable, easy to charge and the box fits into any pocket… let’s say, a MINI pocket, because they’re so small.

For the technically minded, please go and read another blog because we only like specifics on this site; to wit:

– 2 Bluetooth Earbuds
– 1 Dual-Function Portable Charger
– 1 USB Charging Cable
– 6 Ear Tips
– 1 Carry bag

The self-charging box means it only takes five minutes to charge up the Mini Slides for up to an hour and, apparently, even galaxy-famous NBA stars think they’re awesome as well.

After an initial road-test, I handed them over to my teenage son in exchange for washing my car for the next two weekends. He seemed happy with this deal and they are part of his uniform now.

No matter that he doesn’t listen to a word I say anyway. At least, with the PaMu Mini Slides he has an excuse… he’s already in a different universe. I may as well talk to myself.

REVIEW – Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Vibrator

The dophamine dual stimulation sex toy is perfect in times of Covid

dophamineNot every story published on this site is by its male owner and sometimes that is obvious, not least in this case because I am a female and this review is about a sex toy for a woman.

Well, I think it was a sex toy for a woman, but anything goes in 2020, so please do not be offended by the previous paragraph. If so, I heartily apologise for any offense taken. But, kind of, get over it.

In the real world, the Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Simulation Vibrator is perfect in times of plague because if your lockdown is loosening, there are also other parts of you that need to be undone, not least your desire to have fun.

If only I could have this product two months ago when my boyfriend told me that he was going to move in with parents in Cornwall and that the thought of us living in either of our two cramped London flats was too much in bear.

In retrospect, they do have a garden, so he may have been right. However, while I don’t have him here, I certainly have time for my Tracy’s Dog that has been keeping me every happy during these lonely nights… and pretty much any of the time… and several times a day.

I would love to go into details and tell you what exactly happens when Tracy’s Dog and I get into bed together, lie down on the sofa together or even when we go down the park together in the early hours of the morning.

But I’ll leave it there, with a full 10 out of 10… maybe an 11 when it’s outdoors.

Who has time for a boyfriend? Maybe he should stay with his parents for longer, I’m not sure I need him any more.

CRYPTO REVIEW: Cryptotag Titanium Wallet

The Cryptotag Wallet is a Godsend for those who want to secure their cryptocurrency in a titanium mini-safe.

cryptotagThe New World of cryptocurrencies is a very strange world.  Securing money is as hazardous as driving a nail through jelly, but that jelly is literally becoming as hard as titianium.

Welcome to the Cryptotag titanium wallet that securely backs up cryptocurrency hardware wallet ‘recovery seeds’.

These recovery seeds were formerly known as the private and public multi-character password keys that are needed to access and move cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This process was ripe with risk, not only because of security concerns, but also in remembering and storing these recovery seeds on pieces of paper.

There are stories galore of those who have forgotten their passwords, lost their laptops or, like this writer, had their funds stolen for a virtual online wallet. So, step forward the Cryptotag wallet, a beautiful object of crypto desire.

It truly is a thing of beauty, a 3.6kg black box that comes with the titanium Cryptotag device itself, letter stamps, a hammer and anvil, a so-called bitholder, earplugs and, bizarrely, some matches.

Users ensure their paper-written recovery seed is accessible, then this seed is smashed into the Crytotag using the hammer and anvil… and the earplugs to prevent tinnitus. Once this is done, and it takes some time, the matches are there to burn the now-redundant paper copy.

For many, this may seem like a long-winded and expensive approach to accessing money, but think of it as a Zen experience, not just the process in using primal tools of hammer and anvil, but treating currency like the Gold Standard.

At 169 Euros, this product is not for those who like short-cuts and commercial races to the bottom, but those who like quality in their life. And it really is too beautiful to lose. People have Mont Blanc keys on their desks, not in the inside pocket of their suits or in their handbags.

Moreover, as somebody who had £25,000 of cryptocurrency stolen by hackers last year who used my laptop keystrokes to do so, I wish I had known about the Crypotag before. I’m now all over titanium; so should you.

REVIEW: Mini: Advanced BT5.0 Earbuds

Mini: Advanced BT5.0 Earbuds are crowdsourcing now. As the people of the world retreat into their respective shells to listen to music and podcasts, they may as well do so with awesome earbuds.

BT5.0BT5.0 Earbuds make listening on the move easier as a swathe of products are hitting the market in response to Apple’s very strange-looking earphones that look like Star Trek mismatches.

Consequently, many prefer large headphones to cancel out external cacophony and I am one of them, especially when it comes to flying. I’ve been loyal to Bose and Sennheiser for more than a decade, but recent earbud products are turning me around.

So step forward Surge Mini Wireless Earbuds that apparently support Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and ‘provide an amazing audio experience like no other’.

For once the hype rings true. These earbuds really are exceptional, not only for noise cancellation on a flight or other noisy transporation, but also provide a very, very good mode for listening to music of all descriptions… via Bluetooth, of course.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a broader signal range and an ultra-stable connectivity and the accompanying charging pod can charge the earbuds for 100 hours of total play time.

The pad can also function as a power bank for users’ phones. The cosy design produces excellent noise cancellation and keeps it securely in place for even the most vigorous exercise routine, which is a feature that is unlikely to bother me, but will please those who run, cycle and go to the gym.


The company’s second product, Surge Lite is the 400mAh charging pod version, which is smaller and lighter and provides 20 hours total play time.,

Finally, Surge Pro is the IP67 waterproof and dustproof version, protected from one-metre water immersion for up to 30 mins. The earbuds provide six hours playtime at one charge, perfect if for those who like to swim or snorkel while listening to music.

My ageing Sennheiser headphones are still with me, but the BT.50 earbuds are now also in my hand luggage. It won’t be long before they replace them. Who needs something heavy and large, when BT.50 earbuds are easy-to-carry and light?

This is a highly recommended product and that retails less than $80, somewhat cheaper thany anything Sennheiser or Bose offer.