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Clear speaker system makes a noise through Kickstarter

FH Speakers 1[2]UK ‘audio pioneer’, Ferguson Hill, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a ‘clear speaker system’.

As can be seen from the accommpanying image, they certainly look the part and are designed for music and TV sound, as well as the sound from the internet via a TV. The press release says it is ‘loudspeaker technology to satisfy all the audio and design needs of the contemporary home’… as well as a large number of other adjectives to describe the product.

There are/will be three systems available with a price range from £895 to £1,395: the Primary System (two horn speakers and one bass sphere); the Deluxe System (two horn speakers and two bass spheres); and the Deluxe Surround Sound System (four horn speakers and two bass spheres).

Moreover, the speakers will also be featured this Saturday over several episodes of The Voice UK, that appalling programme my wife likes and is watched by more than nine million people (bring back The Generation Game).

A look at international social network growth

By regular contributor Lloyd Gofton, Liberate Media MD, who tweets here

bii-top-global-social-properties-4We often hear about the never-ending growth of the big Western social networks. User number announcements for Facebook and Twitter are now international news, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In the West we usually assume that social networks revolve around U.S culture, but that is far from the case. Global social network data tells us a much more interesting story, and this post delves into the key figures from BI Intelligence’s global social media census 2013. Continue reading

Retailers have survived the first digital coming, but what’s next?

By regular contributor Lloyd Gofton who tweets here

high street deathHMV’s recent demise was hardly a surprise. The writing has been on the wall for so long that it’s been painted over and graffitied many times since.

If we rewind ten years to 2003, the conversation around retail was focused on the importance of the web Continue reading

Facebook should have an 'engaged' link not a Like button that 98% of people only use once

By regular contributor Lloyd Gofton who tweets here

As a social species, we should expect our habits and actions on social networks to reflect our natural priorities as humans… as a species we crave companionship and like to feel part of a community.

Our instinct is to learn from each other and share our experiences with like-minded individuals. That habit has served us well, but at some point in our conversations and relationships the number of contacts we have has been given a higher value than the quality of the connection we have with those individuals, groups and brands. Continue reading

Social CRM: Stop thinking about ownership and start thinking about culture change

Who owns Social CRM? This debate continues to divide opinion, but I believe it is the wrong question. Ownership is not the issue, and only echoes the ‘who owns social media’ tedium, which I have ranted about for longer than I care to remember.

The social media ownership debate has been perpetuated by a range of marketing and communications agencies with the objective of grabbing budget from each other and squabbling over whose social services are ‘better’. Continue reading

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