I’m free!… Crunch offers free accountancy software for UK start-ups

UK start-up Crunch today disrupted the accountancy industry by offering its accountancy software service Solo free to customers.

By offering a free service AFTER the launch of its premium service, the company has turned on its head the so-called Freemium model.

Apparently the software ‘is identical to Crunch’s original premium product and allows users to manage their bookkeeping, raise invoices, record expenses and view their tax liability in real time, all at zero cost’.

Naturally, the idea is that new customers will use the free service and then upgrade to Crunch’s premier accountancy package that includes human customer support and more.

It’s a smart idea, but not one without risks. As long as the company’s existing customers don’t get the hump too much and the conversion rate is as high as Crunch expects then this could be good news for UK start-ups… and even better news for Crunch.

Social CRM: Stop thinking about ownership and start thinking about culture change

Who owns Social CRM? This debate continues to divide opinion, but I believe it is the wrong question. Ownership is not the issue, and only echoes the ‘who owns social media’ tedium, which I have ranted about for longer than I care to remember.

The social media ownership debate has been perpetuated by a range of marketing and communications agencies with the objective of grabbing budget from each other and squabbling over whose social services are ‘better’. Continue reading