Facebook should have an 'engaged' link not a Like button that 98% of people only use once

By regular contributor Lloyd Gofton who tweets here

As a social species, we should expect our habits and actions on social networks to reflect our natural priorities as humans… as a species we crave companionship and like to feel part of a community.

Our instinct is to learn from each other and share our experiences with like-minded individuals. That habit has served us well, but at some point in our conversations and relationships the number of contacts we have has been given a higher value than the quality of the connection we have with those individuals, groups and brands. Continue reading

DJs and musicians look beyond Facebook for Likes

* This is a guest blog by DJ, music producer and digital advertiser Tim Healey who tweets at @timhealey and whose official Facebook page is here

It came to a head on holiday about a year ago. I was confronted by my wife. I had been having an affair. A casual relationship and furtive interaction had become something sinister and all-consuming. She was right, time needed to be called. It was her and our girls… or Facebook.

She had busted me in beautiful Tegernsee, Germany, as I stood atop a sun-drenched snow-covered mountain. Instead of thinking “This is jaw-droppingly beautiful” or “Let’s make a snowman with the children”, my only thoughts were: “My Facebook fans will love this view of the valley and will generate loads of comments”. Continue reading