UK commuters now take £4,100 of technology to work

T£4,100 deviceshe UK public’s demand for gadgets show no sign of abating after a recent report shows that the ‘typical commuter bag’ now contains as many as six gadgets with their contingent chargers.

According to research from ensure home insurance, people now take £4,100 worth of technology to work every day, a £289 increase compared to two years ago. Continue reading

The iPad Mini leads huge surge in tablet-based advertising

Last month’s launch of the iPad Mini has seen an acceleration in adoption of tablet-based advertising, according to a report by Indian mobile company InMobi.

The report shows that while smartphones remain the dominant device in mobile advertising impressions with a 74.1% share, tablets and connected devices are increasing rapidly with an overall share of almost 20%.

The data, sourced from July 2012 to September 2012 reveals that the iPhone continues to be the most popular handset on the market. However, the iPad’s share of impressions continues to rise with 11%, a 43% increase from Q2.

The research found that Apple remains the top manufacturer in the UK with RIM and HTC falling behind their competitor. Samsung achieved an increase in its share of impressions in Q3, with 16% increase from Q2.

The research also shows that the mobile web continues to rule, holding a 70% share of total advertising impressions, this share has decreased from 76% in Q1 and 72% in Q2, as ad impressions on mobile apps are rolled out.

“In the UK, mobile ad growth continues to be driven by smartphones. However, following the recent launch of the new iPad mini, consumer interest in tablets has never been higher and we expect the number of impressions on these devices to continue to rise in Q4,” said an InMobi spokesman.

The InMobi Mobile Insights report can be downloaded for free here.

The US internet porn industry continues to get bigger and bigger

This contribution is by regular contributor and hip-hop technology legend Mike Johns, President of Digital Mind State who tweets here

“Thanks to my iPhone and its high speed internet connection, I can email text, play video games and watch PORN all in the middle of the day!” – Comedian Katt Williams

The ability to access pornography has grown exponentially. Porn is now viewed around the clock with no separation between night and day. Americans, Europeans, Russians and Asians alike have a love affair with porn. Continue reading

How humming can help children in the world’s most dangerous countries

The old joke says that when Elvis Presley was exhumed from his grave he didn’t sing much, but he hummed quite a lot.

In slightly better taste, Digital Giving has launched a music app called ‘Hum This’, an interactive game of charades that ‘challenges players to hum and guess song titles from an archive of thousands.

Supported by official partners HMV, O2 and Ticketmaster (!), a percentage of the profits will go towards supporting two chosen charities, Nordoff Robbins, which uses music therapy to transform lives, and War Child, which helps children in some of the world’s most dangerous countries.

The ‘Hum This!’ free app comes with 50 virtual notes with a paid-for app available for £1.49 with 1,600 virtual notes. Additional notes can be purchased in-app via the ‘Hum This!’ note store. The app is available to download now on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phones and tablets from the Apple app store or Google Play.

“From our inception, War Child has always pioneered using the power of music in innovative ways to raise funds for our vital work. We’re proud to partner Hum This! as it offers a fun new way for people to support charities,” said Ben Knowles, Director of Fundraising, War Child.

Similarly uplifting is seeing Ticketmaster doing something good for the world, instead of RIPPING US ALL OFF ON TICKET PRICE SURCHAGES. If he really was dug up, Elvis wouldn’t only hum a bit, he’d be spinning in his grave.

Little Grey Cells #7… Audiences want things faster. A one-way communication broadcast doesn’t deliver on that

Simon Gunning is Global Head of Digital Media and Technology at advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). We catch up with him, taking a good look into his Little Grey Cells…

When did you first get into tech?

I worked in the record business for long time, managing record producers and artists, and it was clear that it was an industry that was getting into trouble. At the same time, billions of pounds were spent trying to prevent the Y2K disaster, and the dot com bubble was growing. So I went to work for a company called Flextech television, which became Virgin Media television.

Quite extraordinarily I was appointed head of business development, and my job included setting up web sites for the four biggest channels in pay TV at the time. I had to set up their presence online, in mobile telephony and red button interactivity, which was seen to be the future of the world as we then knew it. Continue reading