Winter essentials #1 – Zippo Deluxe Hand Warmer

zippoAt one time or another, most people who have ever smoked have owned a Zippo lighter. A small object of beautiful desire, the Zippo defined the cool of America, a short-cut to being a beatnik or a hipster… by simple ignition.

I travelled across the States in the winter of 1994 clutching one such lighter, not the square shape of lore, but a customised round one. I was devastated when I lost it; it defined 12 great months of being on the road. Nowadays, I have little need for one as smoking is long gone and it’s not the same using a Zippo to light a bonfire or an in-house candle.

The joy of a Zippo was knowing how to light it and that was by pulling it down as you lit it. That way there were no embarrassing attempts at losing the flame. Owning a Zippo meant you used it properly as well; it was part of its cool appeal.

So, the Zippo Deluxe Hand Warmer brings back great memories and makes diversified sense for the company now the age of smoking is coming to an end. While bigger and palm-friendly yhe shape is the same as before and it feels warm just touching it, and that’s before it is initiated.

Somewhat deliciously, it only works by filling it with lighter fuel, the same familiar process that was part of owing a Zippo lighter. This product is an obvious fisherman’s friend, keeping hands warm on a cold night at sea or by a river, but it is great to hold on to when between pistes on the ski slopes… apres-ski if you will.

The price is reasonable as well, at a little over £20 this is a new and hot design classic classic that warms the heart.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Lumie Zest – wake-up and light therapy

lumie_zestAt a price tag of £125, the Lumie Zest seems expensive for what could be described as a glorified alarm clock, but experience proves otherwise.

March seems an old time to review a product that sells itself on helping with the winter blues, but even so it is a helpful aid to waking up in a refreshed and calm manner. Furthermore, it is very easy to set up compared with other products that offer more in style than intuitive interface.

The alarm sound itself could do with more variation, but the light therapy aspect of the device works very well on a home or office desk. Users may look weird staring into a light, but after a recent visit to Iceland, it is very normal to see people blinded by the light when natural light is so elusive.

I’m looking forward to falling in love with the Lumie Zest after the next Solstice when the nights draw in and SAD kicks in, so at £125 this could be a bargain, not an indulgence. Happier days…