QuietOn Sleep ear plugs review


Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep and the arrival of some Quieton Sleep earplugs to review certainly woke me up when the box arrived in the post.

To say that the last 18 months have been stressful would be the understatement of the past 100 years. After the horror of 2020 and the uncertainty of 2021, the need to be free of anxiety has been the first priority of humanity.

Whether people are night owls or early risers, the need for sleep is a prerequistite for health and living longer as well as surviving the fear of Covid and this ever-present pandemic.

A completely new industry has formed promising all types of cures, nostrums and ‘solutions’ for the world’s sleeping crisis. To be able to get into bed and to awake rested is now fundamental to getting through life in one piece.

The first job is to get a comfortable bed and mattress, that is crucial for rest and an environment of quietude is also important, so the noise-cancelling QuietOn Sleep ear plugs are one way to achieve silence from outside noise, be that a snoring partner, near or distant traffic or anywhere that is not the preserve of a Cisterian monk.

The world’s religions know how important silence is for one’s health and beliefs as much as the rest of the world knows how noise can shatter somebody’s peace of mind.

The QuietOn Sleep earplugs offer such solace. As many airline travellers know, noise-cancelling products are invaluable, but the unwieldiness of headphones especially when trying to sleep creates discomfort.

Earplugs are the best alternative and they work just as well in a bed as they do on a flight. Coming with a foam layer, they are easy to lodge in the ear and don’t fall out as sleepers toss from my pillow to another.

At first, it can be a little discombobulating when waking to silence and one’s own thoughts, but the very nature of a good night’s sleep means that REM and deep sleep create good dreams, so it’s like awakening to the sun shining on your face, it really feels that good.

They’re not cheap, but quality products never are and QuietOn Sleep ear plugs are meant to last, rather like the human body when it is calm and rested. Forget the price, don’t lose the excellent cradle charger then come with and enjoy sweet dreams… zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

FIVE GOLD GIFTS… Lumie Bodyclock luxe 750DAB

This alarm clock is not cheap, but looks good, tells the time and has a great radio

lumieThe alarm clock has changed over the past 20 years and instead of being woken by a monstrosity of bells and an unwieldy device, it’s generally our mobile phones that awaken us.

These ringtones from our phone have also changed. No longer are we woken abruptly as if we have to go down the pit, the very nature of our jobs, especially knowledge workers, is to be awoken by something more benign and chilled; something that makes us love the morning, not despise its very meaning.

So welcome to the Lumie Bodyclock luxe 750DAB, a sexy little piece of kit that looks like it comes from the future, but with a functionality that belongs to the past (in a good way).

Like all tech devices nowadays, it takes time to set it up, the four frontal buttons are a little difficult to control, but once the basics have been done, the Bodyclock really does seem as onomatopoeic as it sounds.

It’s so much nicer listening to the radio when trying to nod off to sleep, knowing that you will be in the clouds with the sheep before the radio turns itself off, it makes insomnia a stranger and that’s a very good thing.

The alarms are also wondrous. There are swatches to choose from and if you prefer falling rain and natural birdsong to bells and whistles, then your (recently awoken) dreams have all come true with a duration from 15 to 90 minutes. One tap to send to snooze.

The Lumie also uses fully dimmable bedroom lighting using mixed LEDs to mimic the colours of a real sunrise/sunset. It also has hiigh quality Bluetooth speakers, DAB radio and more than sleep and wake sounds with a seven-day alarm setting. It also claims to treat SAD and those winter blues.

It’s not cheap at £199.99, but it will last a lifetime and that will be a lifetime of dreams that are not shattered, but filled with a longing for the morning, brought alive by sounds that almost replicate Circadian rhythms. Sleep well!

FIVE GOLD GIFTS #1: Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

In a world seemingly full of insomniacs one company claims that its product offers the ‘best sleep ever’. We put it to the test and find that it certainly has a point.

bulletproofThe Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat is an unusual “>product in that is immediately uncomfortable. Not only slightly uncomfortable, but literally like sleeping on a bed of nails.

This is part of its power and charm. The makers recommend that sleepy people use it for the first time with a T-shirt on; the spikes are sharp and a slight movement engenders pain receptors, not the endorphins that are supposedly released. It takes time to get used to; but not too long. Continue reading