Europe’s StartupBus hits the three-day road to Vienna

startup_busStartupBus is taking Europe’s most promising entrepreneurs on a three-day bus ride across six countries to Vienna.

StartupBus Europe 2013 is the third annual European competition, taking place from October 27th-30th with six buses from six countries around the continent converging in Vienna at the Pioneer’s Festival for a 150-person competition.

Applicants are now open for ‘buspreneurs’ to join this road trip to create a moveable feast of talent and buses will be travelling from France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, UK and Spain. Each bus will house up to 25 entrepreneurs and these entrepreneurs will have up to 60 hours to conceive, build and launch their startup.

Starting in 2011 with only only bus the project has grown significantly with five buses last year to six buses this year, through the merging of FounderBus and StartupBus.

“StartupBus forms a unique community of extremely skilled entrepreneurial minds that share one life-changing experience – building a product while crossing Europe in a bus,” Sebastian Sielmann, Director of StartupBus Europe.

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