Willard Romney has absolutely no chance of beating Obama

Earlier this morning in the midst of creative insomnia I put on my headphones and went for the soporific option of listening to the wonderful Up All Night show on BBC Radio 5.

Unfortunately I went straight into a live feed of the Republican Party leader making ‘the speech of his life’ at his party’s convention in Tampa. Now, it might have been my brain being at the height of its analytical power but I knew then he had no chance of beating the incumbent.

It was a terrible speech, overly reliant on his fragrant wife and delivered with the confidence of an accused person at The Hague. Negative towards his opponent with no beef about his policies it was the epitome of what the Republicans stand for.

Moreover he was undermined by two of his charming supporters who were finally thrown out of the convention for pinging peanuts at an African-American CNN camerawoman and saying ‘this is how we feed the animals’.

Wow, is this 2012 or a scene from D.W. Griffiths’ racist silent movie Birth Of A Nation? CNN did not broadcast this news and it appears these two MONKEYS were not charged of an offence by the Police. Not looking good if this lot get elected.

But they won’t, not in a month of Mondays. The Republican Party is a white person’s party and it will rot away within a two-election cycle as the Hispanic and non-white populations overtake those of the white population.

These good ol’ boys have made no plans to rebrand their party to suit the changing demographic of its country. Scan the convention and look at the crowd, it’s like a KKK convention without the bonfire. In 12 years’ time they will be as relevant as flat-earthers and those stupid creationists.

Then there’s social networks. Four years ago the National Field (think intranet Facebook for different consituencies) won the election for Obama and will help them do so again.

But if all of that isn’t enough, I found out last week that ‘Mitt’ Romney’s real name is Willard. Now, the irony will be lost on the US citizen, but nobody, I repeat, nobody, is going to vote for somebody with the same name as a manky dog that used to feature on the BBC soap opera Eastenders.

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