gamesGRABR opens up to Facebook and console gamers

HomepageGames veteran and entrepreneur Tony Pearce has unveiled his new venture gamesGRABR, a social network dedicated to casual, social, console and hardcore gamers.

With backing from some of the biggest names in the industry, gamesGRABR has entered its beta phase. The network allows users to ‘grab’ games for free across a wide range of platforms.

It operates as a Pinterest model with a ‘pinboard-style UI’ offering social integration and a huge catalogue of games content. It allows users to discover and buy or download a game with a single click.

“We’ve launched affiliate deals with Amazon and Apple, giving us a catalogue of thousands of physical and digital games. Right now we’re also speaking with a number of smaller indie stores so that our users will also be able to discover elusive gaming gems,” said Pearce, GamesGRABR Co-Founder and CEO.

Pearce’s previous experience at mobile games aggregator and publisher Player X that was sold in 2009 to Zed and his social start-up TeePee Games means gamesGRABR has a shot in what is still an undeveloped industry. ‘Grab’ the opportunity while you still can.

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