gamesGRABR prepares its social network for gamers

TeePee Games has unveiled details of its latest games venture gamesGRABR, an innovative social network for gamers that will launch in Q1 2013.

The press release descrbes it as a ‘pinboard-style’ website and smartphone app tailored for gaming culture that will allow users to create, discover and manage game-based collections.

Gamers will be able to create collections of their favourite games and products by GRABing games, images and videos from across the web using gamesGRABR’s unique GRABit button.

The gamesGRABR smartphone app will include features such as the ability to use the camera as a barcode scanner, allowing gamers to scan boxed video-game products and upload them to their game collections on gamesGRABR.

Thanks to established affiliate deals with games publishers and developers, gamesGRABR users will have instant access to thousands of games across mobile, online and Facebook. Upcoming partnerships with online retailers will allow users to discover and buy console games, hardware, accessories and other gaming goods.

“gamesGRABR will connect users with the same gaming interests and make it easier to find great games and gaming stuff. There are lots of online publications that discuss gamer culture, but none have enabled gamers to share, curate and discover new games and gaming products in one place,” said Tony Pearce, CEO TeePeeGames. 

gamesGRABR will launch in Q1 2013 and will be available online and as an Android and iOS app.  TeePee Games is currently inviting gamers to sign up for gamesGRABR. Those who do sign up will be entered into a draw for a chance to win an iPad mini or Wii U games console.

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