Revizto and the Cloud disrupt and shake up the world of architecture

A new 3D visualisation product called Revizto is harnessing the power of the cloud to transform the world of architecture, design and construction.

Vizerra, a Russian start-up based in Moscow, is ‘meeting the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry’s needs’ for fast, realistic plans and real-time collaboration’, with an interactive 3D platform that means all parties working on a construction project can work together.

Revizto, which is Latin for ‘visual check’, helps AEC professionals avoid project complications by working in real time without having to learn a new software program. An Autodesk® Revit or Trimble® SketchUp project can be turned into an interactive, data-rich 3D environment in minutes. The result is a model that can easily be shared with the entire team in the cloud.

“Collaboration has been a challenge in the AEC sector, as a project’s complex data and various plans have traditionally been controlled and managed by only one source at a time. This has made it difficult to anticipate and avoid complications as they arise. Revizto allows AEC professionals to share and update data easily, and clearly present their vision of the cohesive project to the client,” said Arman Gukasyan, Vizerra CEO.

Revizto’s development came to fruition over the past five years, while Vizerra was providing software as a service to global projects, such as Barcelona, Spain’s city planning and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

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