One people and one planet under one Cloud

This post is by regular contributor and US hip-hop technology legend Mike Johns, President of Digital Mind State who tweets here

OBAMA IS WATCHING 2014Today’s information society emits an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day; a number that will continue to grow.

In the era of Big Data, ‘datafication’ is now reshaping our existence as it continues to shape ALL aspects of life into data. Almost any kind of information can be stored and processed in the Cloud, including customer records, databases, health records, employee records and consumer applications.

Cloud services will increasingly hold financial, medical and other confidential information, and everything is accessible 24/7 using mobile devices to access that information from anywhere. From government to businesses, large and small, these entities are increasingly incorporating Cloud computing models into their IT infrastructures.

Consequently, sensitive data and putting copies of that data into Cloud storage with varying or non-existent levels of privacy or security protection will soon become the norm. Back-up Clouds and Clouds that can talk to each other will lead to the creation of an ultimate cloud; a ‘God Cloud’. I call it ‘The Noctilucent Cloud’. This particular Cloud will provide the ultimate data warehouse storage on the past, present, and future of mankind.

The Noctilucent Cloud will control just about everything we do as society continues to rely almost exclusively on technology. This Cloud will be our so-called saviour, overseeing law and order in our newly formed Utopia. Disguised under the term the ‘Internet of Things’, this Cloud will always be on, always connected, always aware, and always watching. Within the next five years, a new population of digital gadgets will outnumber humans. The internet is the new blood, providing life to all things digital.

Recent research from the UN says that by 2020, more than 50 billions of ‘things’ will be virtually connected on the Internet and that, conceptually, the world will become borderless. A new world is emerging where EVERYTHING is uniquely identified by its Internet blood type.

President Obama recently launched the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Technologies) initiative to better understand how we think. Conspiracy theorists already think the $100 million project is the first stage of technology that will be used to remotely control our minds wirelessly from a distance.

The government already has software technology able to analyse data about individuals’ vital signs, body language, and other physiological patterns. Where will all this data will be stored? In the near future it will be the norm that for each newborn child there will be algorithms tests with hundreds of millions of hypotheses that will automatically let the Government know who you are as soon as you are born.

The Noctilucent Cloud will be digital totalitarianism at its zenith. This Cloud will be armed with awareness, intelligence, and the ability to control every gadget on earth from drones, satellites, robots, ‘connected homes,’ and our mobile devices. The God Cloud will reshape and govern the way we live, work, and think.

Society will witness a transformation in which our innate preference will shift to ‘what,’ with ‘why’ no longer the concern or interest. Our non-wavering trust in the Noctilucent Cloud will blur the line between ‘fate’ and ‘free will,’ and also our thoughts and actions.

Introducing ‘Automated Lifestyle Living’, where the cloud knows all of our wants and needs. No need to think, leave that to the Cloud. Human interaction will be dictated by the clouds. Critical thinkers will be limited to an elite class of people controlled by the rich.

In the US there are now more gadgets capable of connecting to the Internet than there are people. The UN reports that there are 425 million Internet-connected devices reside in US homes. By comparison, the Census Bureau lists the US population at little more than 315 million.

The number of mobile Internet-connected devices, which will exceed the number of people on earth (2016 world population estimate of 7.3 billion), endows machines, robots, and computers with increased computing power. The capabilities of these electronic gizmos include faster-than-human processing speed, memory capacity, sensors, and digital camera pixels with the power to match the human eye.

As mobile phones, tablets, and PCs have become vital extensions of our existence, serving all of our needs from paying bills, watching movies to online dating, the future will present a need for this Noctilucent Cloud.

The question then becomes: “Who controls it and us?”

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Mike Johns is the Founder and President of Digital Mind State formerly known as UrbanWorld Wireless, the Los Angeles based company that bridged wireless technology and hip-hop culture. Mike Johns is the driving force behind the Digital Mind State brand, responsible for planning, business development, marketing and the company expansion.