Stone me, LoopMe… raised some $500K Mon-ey

doshIt appears that the new version of mobile advertising is beginning to take shape as the industry matures and evolves.

For many the acquisition of mobile ad pioneer AdMob by Google for $750 million some moons ago was the initial tipping point. AdMob’s major evangelist and respected figure Russell Buckley was instrumental in this deal and he now appears to becoming as influential in its second wave.

He is part of Ballpark Ventures, which has led a ‘consortium of Super Angels and VCs to invest $500,000 in UK mobile ad start-up LoopMe. While not a huge amount of money, the company will use the cash for sales expansion and improving the product for its mobile ad inbox solution.

That ‘solution’ is a LoopMe button on a mobile device where users can click on the icon to open up an ‘inbox’ comprising a range of apps and offers that have been socially rated and endorsed by the wider community. They can interact with several advertisers in one session, but are not migrated away from the app itself.

“Ballpark sees exponential growth ahead in mobile advertising and LoopMe has come up with something valuable. Its concept gives publishers great results without changing existing relationships while advertisers get better engagement and results,” said Buckley.

At the moment, Buckley’s words are strong enough for most people to take notice. He got it right before, who’s to say he won’t get it right again?

At least LoopMe, rather like a toddler with smart parents, has had the best possible start in life. These first steps will be followed with interest.

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