Viadeo lands $32 million in funding… one of the biggest European tech investments of 2012

The ‘French LinkedIn’ business social network Viadeo has landed a Series D $32 million funding round split between the French Sovereign Fund, Allianz, Jefferies, Middle Eastern Funds and existing investors.

The new investment will apparently allow Viadeo to accelerate its growth in Europe and China with Tianji its local brand, as well as other key emerging markets.

The company has more than 45 million active members and is growing at one million new members each month. Viadeo achieved profitability in early September 2009 and focuses on the non-English speaking markets. It is market leader in China and several European and Latin American territories.

“We’re a global society where critical business connections span multiple languages, geographies and cultures. We have always been laser-focused on our ‘multi-local’ approach, which goes beyond simple translation and focuses on understanding the business and cultural needs of each market”, said Dan Serfaty, CEO, Viadeo.

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