Africa e-commmerce giant Jumia comes to London

jumia_londonAfrica’s largest online retailer Jumia has opened in London, its first office outside the continent meaning people from the UK can order online to send gifts to family and friends in Africa.

Based in Nigeria, the company is now bringing its raft of products to the UK with an online store that allows relatives to order online in the UK, pay in pounds, and send their goods for just ₤3 to their ‘loved ones’ doorstep in Nigeria within one to eight days’.

In the absence of a working Postal service in Nigeria, e-commerce is huge business in the country with Jumia and other e-commerce companies such as Konga and (to a lesser extent), receiving huge investments in this bid to become the so-called Amazon of Africa.

Jumia was founded by the Africa Internet Holding (AIH), which was jointly set up with equal share by three companies: MTN, Rocket Internet and Millicom. MTN and Millicom are both public listed and communication providers in the African market. AIH is the parent group of nine fast-growing ventures in more than 15 African countries: including companies such as Zando, Kaymu, Hellofood, Easy Taxi.

“There are many Nigerians in the UK with strong links back home with friends and family. With our UK online store we offer them a great alternative to transferring money and allowing UK customers to shop directly for family in Nigeria” says Olivier Le Blainvaux, who is in charge of the project at Jumia.

Last year, Jumia became the first African company to win a World Retail Award.

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