Palestine, an app, Spermania and Father’s Day

spermaniaTo celebrate Father’s Day, a VC-backed Palestinian games developer Pinchpoint has launched its first major title, Spermania.

I’m sure you know where this is going, but anyway. The game is apparently a challenging, but hilarious game in which a sperm swims past obstacles to fertilise an egg… and is a ‘salute to all of us who have won the race.’

The game is free to download and once viruses, cheeky white blood cells and sizzling acid pools are overcome, and other sperms defeated, the winning sperm literally comes to life.

Based in Ramallah and part of Palestine’s growing startup scene, PinchPoint is the first local gaming company to secure VC-funding. A notoriously challenging industry coupled with the difficulties of life under occupation are what drive PinchPoint’s international ambitions.

“Global gaming markets are already flooded, so if you want to shine, you have to come up with something outside of the norm. Being Palestinian, even life’s daily routine demands innovation,” says CEO Khaled Abualkheir.

PinchPoint is backed by Sadara Ventures, Palestine’s first VC fund. Speaking of the investment, Sadara Founding Partner Saed Nashef said: “With the release of Spermania, PinchPoint’s team is demonstrating its ability to come up with unique and engaging games that can compete in regional and international markets.”

Well, there you have it. Happy Father’s Day, ladies and gentlemen!!

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