Gaming Boxes at the Etihad? Soon there’ll be cocaine at Arsenal

Premiership Champions Manchester City may have had trouble beating Borussia Dortmund at the Etihad Stadium last night, but they seem to have scored with their ‘official gaming partner’ EA SPORTS.

Even though they’re not short of a few dinari, the club continue to explore revenue-generating opportunities and this deal with EA is unusual in that it can only appeal to a very select few.

According to the press release the club are ‘relentlessly raising the bar in venue hospitality and has delighted once more by delivering an interactive Gaming Box in place of what was a traditional 8ft x 11ft entertaining space’.

At first I thought this was something you did at home but apparently it’s a Gaming Box available in the club’s Etihad hospitality suites. Here privileged guests can play games such as FIFA 13, as well as maybe watching the REAL GAME OUTSIDE THE FISH BOWL they’re in.

Prawn sandwiches at Manchester United, videogames at Manchester City, soon there’ll be strip bars at Chelsea, free cocaine at Arsenal and hookers at Brentford. What is the game coming to?

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