Howl for a spontaneous night out in London… and beyond

howl_logoThe last time I put the word ‘Howl’ and ‘London’ together was in 1982 when I went to see the vastly overrated movie An American Werewolf in London with some mates of mine.

Fortunately things have moved on in the past three decades and juxtaposing the words ‘Howl and London’ means a very different experience when getting your mates together to go out in London or other global cities.

Howl is a free app on Android and iOS that aims to revolutionise the big night out by making it easy for people to organise and meet up. Impromptu gatherings can happen by broadcasting the location of a pub, bar or party by one tap of a smartphone.

The app is built on the Foursquare API, with in-app SMS functionality, to bring these groups together and operates just as wolves do when trying to put a pack together. The video below explains it simply and amusingly…

The app was built by creative agency Albion London in partnership with tequila brand Jose Cuervo and I’ve been using it in preparation for an article I’m writing for Mashable about the best apps to use on a night out. So far, it’s been very cool.

Any other app makers interested in being part of this article should contact me on Twitter.

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