Howl for a spontaneous night out in London… and beyond

howl_logoThe last time I put the word ‘Howl’ and ‘London’ together was in 1982 when I went to see the vastly overrated movie An American Werewolf in London with some mates of mine.

Fortunately things have moved on in the past three decades and juxtaposing the words ‘Howl and London’ means a very different experience when getting your mates together to go out in London or other global cities. Continue reading

Why Klout is a flawed model

Klout inaccuracyIn the 80s and early 90s, journalists on pop magazines (myself included) were driven by who was going to be attaining what position on next week’s charts.

We would have an idea as the midweek positions came in. The current positions and the future positions helped us think about which pop stars to put on a poster, on the cover or to chase for an interview. Continue reading

Foursquare. You can check in any time you like, but you can never lead

So, this week’s Mobile World Congress is over and the weary delegates, fresh from their triumphs, trailers, tapas and teasers are on their way home. I would have been there with them but I was washing my hair all week.

According to the organisers, there was a record attendance of 60,000 at the event and more than 2,900 journalists, a perfect audience possibly for the location-based service of Foursquare. Apparently not. Continue reading