Widespread use of BYOD is a huge threat to company security

The increasing use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) by company employees is putting these companies’ corporate security at risk.

According to a report conducted by B2B International on behlaf of anti-virus security company Kaspersky Labs, almost a quarter of all businesses surveyed report losing sensitive data through BYOD use.

Not only has this data been lost, but one in three companies allow their staff unrestricted access to corporate resources and only 11% use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to ensure compliance with corporate security policies.
Despite many companies placing no restrictions on the use of personal devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), 34% of those surveyed think these devices present a significant threat to the business. This is plainly bonkers and it is almost as if they are asking for it.
The use of BYOD is increasing and so are the security risks. It is surely only a matter of time before there is a huge security breach that jolts these companies into action.

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