Android, not asteroid, sees explosion of commerce apps

AsteroidThe use of functional apps, which allow consumers to make purchases or conduct banking transactions, is growing faster among UK Android smartphone users than the use of gaming or ‘fun’ apps.

According to Global Information company Neilsen, seven of the 15 major apps experiencing the fastest-growing usage are commerce apps. These include apps used to buy digital products, general retail products, and experiences through social commerce.

Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics study of the fast-growing Android apps between May and October 2012, is based on the increase in the total time that an app is visible on users’ screens.

Banking apps from HSBC Fast Balance and Lloyds TSB are the third and thirteenth fastest-growing of all apps, with users engaging with them for around 20 minutes on average each month.

Retail apps are also experiencing greater reach and engagement. Tesco’s and Asda’s apps are the fastest-growing in their sector in the study. The Tesco app reached 145% more users and those users spent 45% more time engaging with it.

“Apps have grown up. The list shows that consumers are now seeking apps which help them with real-world tasks, not just fun gimmicks and games,” said David Gosen, Nielsen Managing Director for digital in Europe.

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