Android, not asteroid, sees explosion of commerce apps

AsteroidThe use of functional apps, which allow consumers to make purchases or conduct banking transactions, is growing faster among UK Android smartphone users than the use of gaming or ‘fun’ apps.

According to Global Information company Neilsen, seven of the 15 major apps experiencing the fastest-growing usage are commerce apps. These include apps used to buy digital products, general retail products, and experiences through social commerce. Continue reading

Genius. Go shopping in the subway via QR code (goods delivered later)

Earlier this year when I was out of India, skint and fairly fed up with life, I reached a nadir when I went shopping at Asda.

Assailed by the noise pollution of barkers offering coupons, retired people on minimum wage slowly hauling boxes out of cages and filling up shelves, a psychogeographic hell juxtaposing Dante with Vegas and driving me insane, I came to the check-out. Continue reading