Pimping ain’t dead… it’s just gone digital

29663215.047Who said pimping was dead? The pimp game has only reinvented itself in the digital world, disguised with selfie pictures as the new bait.

The line gets blurry between prostitutes, call girls, or girls just wanting attention (who later accept a proposition). Electronic Hoes, or ‘eHoes; as they are referred to, are using selfie pictures and can be found randomly on internet sites.

Pimps, escort services and call girls all using selfie pictures to lure in prospective clients, while social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter provide free ways to effectively advertise and promote an array of sexual services.

A simple search for escort girls on Twitter returns hundreds of tweets. On Instagram alone, you can easily get drawn into a world of illicit selfie photos with links to websites showcasing an abundance of pornographic content.

“The pimp game was a thriving business in the 1990s, from the ‘track’ to the hotel lobbies; pimps was getting it in,” says DeeMack of Las Vegas.

“Today it’s no longer out in the open. Digital technology has made things more personal, intimate, and fast moving. Instagram is the new ‘track,’ This iPhone I own has the power; with broadband, I’m managing the game using Facebook, tweeting, and if need be, texting. I don’t have to worry about being busted by the law like I did back in the day.”

In San Francisco, tech savvy pimps are tweeting in 140 characters or less, posting on Facebook, or Instagraming: “#Girls Girls.” Selfie pictures are bait and hook to reeling in a prospective client. Taken from one’s smartphone, a selfie picture is the easiest, most convincing way to entice and reach a “trix” (or customer) immediately.

In shows of brazen boldness, there are numerous pimp clubs on Facebook and on Google Hangout. It’s here that pimps give shout-outs, share stories, and even rate each other’s selfie pictures.

Pimping is big business, especially during commercial events such as the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and tech trade shows in Las Vegas. These events attract thousands of visitors with money, who want to party, and pimps with eHoes are on the hunt to cash in.

“Ironically, some of my best trixs are at CES Show and some of the other tech shows that come to town,” says Passion, a call girl from Las Vegas who lets her clients know using social media and text messaging both her availability and her pricing.

Police officers are now up against a new kind of criminal; one that is digital. “It’s challenging at times to patrol social media and the world wide web for illicit acts. We are constantly striving to stay two steps ahead of those doing illegal activities,” says Yoshi Gotto, a cyber crime detective from Colorado.

Tech-savvy pimps are fully utilising all aspects of digital technology from mobility, social media platform, to accepting payment via credit card, Paypal, and even Bitcoin has now been embraced. Pimping ain’t dead, it’s only gone digital…

The end of the rectangle is the shape of things to come

rectangleThe rectangle is my least favourite shape.

I am going to put my neck on the line. It might be the start of a revolution; then again, I might just be ridiculed for my crazy thinking and thrown in the Clive Sinclair school of C5 human wrongdoings.

Maybe it is my age that influences my absolute frustration and boredom with the rectangular device paradigm, which the human race has seemingly embraced for the long term. Continue reading

Hey, CTOs… how about speaking plain English?

CTO_EnglishDuring my years in agency-land I’ve met and worked with a number of CTOs as an agency and as a client). Most have bored the shit out of me, they weren’t actually boring, they simply spoke Geek (Greek would’ve been easier).

But when I was at Wunderman London I met Gregory Roekens, CTO at AMV BBDO. He changed my view on what an inspiring, engaging asset a plain-speaking CTO can be to an agency and how if they speak in ‘our’ language it makes life waaaaay less boring. Continue reading

Through Hired tech talent can ‘auction’ themselves for jobs

hired.comUS startup Hired launches its service in New York tomorrow where tech talent such as developers, engineers and data scientists can find jobs at tech companies by ‘auctioning’ themselves.

Tech companies bid on these people and have to be upfront about salary, equity options and signing bonus. Hired comes to NYC after launching in Silicon Valley; according to the company, there are more than 5,000 unfulfilled tech jobs in NYC. Continue reading