Admix announces $25,000 User Acquisition Boost program

Admix is offering AR and VR developers $25,000 for user acquisition.

admixAdmix, the in-game monetization solution that recently closed a $7m Series A, is offering developers a chance to win an up to $25,000 boost towards their user acquisition.

To participate, studios need to install the Admix SDK to power non-intrusive ads in their games, and monitor progress over the first six weeks. Admix will handpick apps with the most potential.

Developers can sign up here to the program and boost their acquisition.

Founded in 2018, Admix is a full stack monetization platform for game, esport, virtual reality and augmented reality developers wishing to monetize in a different way. Instead of traditional adverts such as banners or video interstitials, Admix’s SDK for Unity or Unreal enables developers to drag and drop posters, billboards or even 3D spaces in their games.

This ‘virtual estate’ is then sold programmatically to thousands of advertisers, a big differentiator to many competitive services acting as agencies. The Admix platform attracted over 200+ mobile publishers in less than a year, a growth that attracted VCs to lead a Series A round.

Recently, the Admix team has bolstered it’s partnership team with hires from AppLovin and inMobi. This team will evaluate performance of new apps joining the platform, monitoring weekly userbase growth, session time, retention, and monetization vitals via the Admix solution.

They will then award these UA grants to the most promising ones, and help acquire users via a mixture of sources, including their own in-game inventory – something that Admix is currently testing.

“While monetization has been our bread and butter, we have always tried to help the developer ecosystem, by sharing resources, or featuring indie developers. This is the next step, with us contributing financially towards the app success. We couldn’t be more excited about accelerating the next hit games” said CEO Sam Huber.

Although the program is open to all developers, including new apps, the terms and conditions of the offer indicate that Admix is mainly looking for apps with early traction, and strong unit economics, that they can accelerate through funding and UA expertise.

About Admix 

The company launched publicly in November 2018 by revealing the first-ever advertising campaign in VR with National Geographic and Oath (now Verizon).

They have since expanded to traditional games, and less than 18 months later, the company is working with over 200 game developers, including leading casual titles. Admix is doubling its inventory size every 2 months, which attracts over 500 advertisers monthly, including Fortune 500 brands like Amazon, Spotify, Uber and Universal.

>About Samuel Huber

Samuel Huber is the founder of Admix, a monetisation platform for games, VR and AR based in London. Previously, Sam was the owner of an indie game studio, building hyper-casual mobile games before they were cool. Today, Sam regularly speaks about game monetization, advertising and extended reality at conferences across the world.

BlockSpeak 15 – Changpeng Zhao (CZ) – CEO Binance

Our latest guest for BlockSpeak 15 is CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, aka CZ.

BlockSpeak 15
BlockSpeak 15 guest this week needs little introduction to anybody in the crypto and blockchain world.

Changpeng Zhao, better known by the kindly acronym CZ, is the CEO of the world’s biggest exchange Binance.

I took the liberty of calling him CZ and in this episode, CZ speaks on a wide range of subjects, not least the effect of Covid-19 on Bitcoin and crypto activity on the Binance exchange, as well as the long-term implications of this extraordinary disruption on all types of finance.

According to CZ, exchange volumes have gone up more than 500% over the past three months as traders and speculators have either moved over from more traditional fiat exchanges or incumbent investors have increased their activity.

He also links this with the recent Bitcoin halving and is fundamentally optimistic about the future of crypto as a more mainstream from of money that will continue to gain critical mass.

Moreover, CZ is also questioned about the security of his exchange and recent high-level stories about wallets being hacked and the booty being transferred to the Binance exchange and the being converted into other cryptocurrencies such as Monero and being spirited away to the extent that law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and UK Police lose the trail.

While being relatively non-committal on how Binance has improved its security in light of these stories, he confronts the questioning front-on and comes across as somebody who understands transparency.

Listeners to BlockSpeak who are fascinated by how exchanges work and this increase of magnitude of trading during these surreal days will enjoy this episode. The numbers certainly back this up.

This episode (BlockSpeak 15) has proved to be the most-viewed of all our conversations to date and we’re delighted to announce that CZ will be joining us later this year to share future opinions and reflections.

To view previous episodes go to the BlockSpeak page of this website or the main site at

BlockSpeak 11 – H.E. Kurram Shroff

BlockSpeak 11 – What’s it like to be a Bitcoin whale?

BlockSpeak 11BlockSpeak 11 has a special guest this week and somebody who has the initials H.E. in front of his name, so please be introduced to His Excellency Kurram Shroff, a so-called Bitcoin Whale, one of the biggest fish in the crypto sea.

Shroff is a likable fellow and prefers to be one of the civilians so he asks for the His Excellency moniker to be dropped when spoken to. So, it’s Shroff all the way from this point.

Shroff was interviewed under lockdown from his apartment in Dubai where we watched the sun set behind him as dusk intervened on another Covid day. Speaking from the balcony, Shroff has suffered huge losses in Dubai, losing a billion dollars from his $3 billion Real Estate portfolio, but nothing seems to faze this man.

Presumably the world of Bitcoin investing has been very kind to him when he can just shrug off a $2 billion loss, but perhaps that’s the ocean whales live in; a very different one to most people on this planet.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to whale investing and it’s difficult to discern whether Shroff talks the talk or walks the walk. He could be anybody, but who knows in crypto?

The conversation moves away from his personal losses and on to the subject of cryptocurrencies themselves. As a self-confessed early adopter, this whale has surfed the waves of volatility for the past few years and he has an ear for a good story and one in particular will draw your eyes from your body and wipe the lice clean out of your hair.

The life of a Bitcoin whale seems to be a chilled place to soak if Shroff is anything to go by. Who cares about Dubai Real Estate losses of billions. Life is going swimmingly for Shroff.

REVIEW: Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner

Ultrasound technology can also be used to assess body fat.

ultrasoundUltrasound is usually a word that is associated with childbirth and one that is usually associated with delight.

The mother-to-be has gel applied to her stomach and then a scanner shows the newborn’s features… I have such a photograph on the mantelpiece and something that only happens a couple of times in a parent’s lifetime

However, it can also be used in a more prosaic and regular way and that is to define the body fat of an individual, so please be introduced to the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound Body Fat Scanner, a somewhat ingenious product that may help people to define and shape their body weight.

There are many who would question the need for such a product. Isn’t it just as easy to buy a pair of digital scales and then work out one’s needs that way? Maybe so, but those scales can be very unreliable. They have to be used on a flat surface for a correct number and they are notoriously fragile, not the best quality when they have only the one job.

According to the company, the Marvoto Z1 applies ultrasound imaging that has been used for more than 20 years and it has an excellent safety record. It is based on non-ionizing radiation, so it does not have the same risks as X-rays; comforting to know.

Using a QR scan to download an app, gel is applied to the waistline area and then the scanner is activated, it takes less than ten seconds to do this. Once the results are in, body fat can be measured on a daily basis.

Naturally, it is more applicable when somebody is beginning a regimen to get rid of their body fat and sculpt their body, so it is very useful as a tool to measure exercise and changes of diet. At first, it seems like a lot more effort than just standing on some scales, but in the long run the Marvoto Z1 Ultrasound may prove to be a useful accessory.

BlockSpeak 10 – Richard Heart Founder Hex

BlockSpeak 10 – could crypto be the biggest wealth asset in history?

BlockSpeak 10
BlockSpeak 10 is probably the most controversial of all our video podcasts to date where we feature Richard Heart, the dividing figure of crypto and the CEO of Hex.

When he first appears on screen, Heart looks like the Phantom of the Opera, his face wreathed in shadow adjacent to a crystal chandelier that looks like the best Zoom background during lockdown.

The background, however, is a real one although Heart refuses to disclose where he is, and like the Phantom Of The Opera he certainly looks like a creature of the night and somebody who doesn’t come out of his bunker very often.

That’s not surprising. In the interview Heart reveals that he much prefers bots to humans and that lockdown has made no difference to him, he doesn’t go out very often.

The reason for Heart’s fragile reputation is whether he is a force for crypto good or a clever scammer who preys on all of crypto’s greed and speculation.

As the conversation continues, Heart becomes more persuasive and warms up to the subject.

Whether it is discussing the plot of the ‘plague’ movie Contagion and the untimely death of Gwyneth Paltrowe (and her subsequent scalping during the post-mortem) or the soul of his Hex project, there appears to be a transparency to his words.

In this divided world where everything seems to be split 50/50 between widely disparate opinions, this interview will probably please both Heart-lovers and Heart-haters.

While BlockSpeak never comments on the viability of projects or otherwise, we like our listeners to listen and find out for themselves.

Vampire or victim, you decide. The only thing that is certain that lockdown makes no difference to Richard Heart’s already-lockdown life and that you won’t be seeing him at a Black Lives Matter rally any time soon.