REVIEW – Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Vibrator

The dophamine dual stimulation sex toy is perfect in times of Covid

dophamineNot every story published on this site is by its male owner and sometimes that is obvious, not least in this case because I am a female and this review is about a sex toy for a woman.

Well, I think it was a sex toy for a woman, but anything goes in 2020, so please do not be offended by the previous paragraph. If so, I heartily apologise for any offense taken. But, kind of, get over it.

In the real world, the Tracy’s Dog Dophamine Dual Simulation Vibrator is perfect in times of plague because if your lockdown is loosening, there are also other parts of you that need to be undone, not least your desire to have fun.

If only I could have this product two months ago when my boyfriend told me that he was going to move in with parents in Cornwall and that the thought of us living in either of our two cramped London flats was too much in bear.

In retrospect, they do have a garden, so he may have been right. However, while I don’t have him here, I certainly have time for my Tracy’s Dog that has been keeping me every happy during these lonely nights… and pretty much any of the time… and several times a day.

And it would appear that I’m not alone. Tracy’s Dog is the number 1 most-wished-for toy in Amazon’s Sexual Wellness category and has maintained that ranking since it took that position (so to speak) in mid-2019.

I would love to go into details and tell you what exactly happens when Tracy’s Dog and I get into bed together, lie down on the sofa together or even when we go down the park together in the early hours of the morning.

But I’ll leave it there, with a full 10 out of 10… maybe an 11 when it’s outdoors.

Who has time for a boyfriend? Maybe he should stay with his parents for longer, I’m not sure I need him any more.

Upscale by James Silver: BOOK REVIEW

upscaleUpscale by James Silver must have taken a long time to research and write, but that makes it one of the better reads when it comes to the ecosystem of startups and investors.

As somebody who has written widely on technology and knows the effort it takes to write an article, let alone a book on the subject, this is a seriously impressive piece of work.

The Upscale accelerator ‘powered by’ the UK’s Tech Nation wants to increase the success of startups companies and, er, upscale, the chances of investors in receiving serious returns on their capital.

There have been numerous success stories, not least FinTech company The Accountancy Cloud that has scaled considerably due to the programme, but others further down the line such as Monzo and Ometria.

However, this is a book review and not an accelerator review, but it’s difficult not to refer to the great companies that have resulted from this initiative. Silver has been granted exclusive access to the programme and he speaks to many of the UK’s successful entrepreneurs.

These include Saul Klein, Brent Hoberman, Wendy Tan White, Suranga Chandratillake and many others. If these names mean nothing to you, then this probably isn’t the book for you. However, if they do, you will love their words and inspiration.

Written by founders for founders, Upscale is the type of book everybody can learn from whether that is investing, scaling, marketing or making the right decision when that market turns in another direction.

There are few platitudes in this book, just smart advice from smart people who have been through the mill, have been shredded by the mill but have come out spotless and cleansed.

I’m not a fan of business books, especially when allied with a commercial venture, but I’ll make an exception in this case. Well-researched, very well-written and extremely topical. Buy it.

BlockSpeak 8 – Jon McAfee, Global Pirate

BlockSpeak 8 is all about another crazy Jon McAfee prediction.

BlockSpeak 8BlockSpeak 8 features again the wonderful and wacky Jon McAfee who has agreed to be a regular guest on the show with another ‘performance’ guaranteed in a couple of months’ time.

If BlockSpeak 3 was all about McAfee’s adventures in eluding US justice in the Dominican Republic and allegedly trafficking cocaine in South America, this episode is based on McAfee’s observations about cryptocurrencies and the US dollar.

While a lot of McAfee’s words should be taken firmly in the cheek in which they’re delivered, his prediction that the Bitcoin price will reach one million dollars if Covid-19 continues to devastate the world’s economies is not as daft as it sounds.

Again, coming from a man who said he used to frequent whale sex clubs and that he would cut off his penis if the Bitcoin price didn’t hit one million dollars in 2017, nothing he says can be trusted… just the way he likes it.

Speaking more soberly (if that is possible or even makes sense) than on his previous appearance on BlockSpeak, McAfee focuses less on spectacular tussles with the Police and US authorities and more on cryptocurrencies themselves.

He bristles when Bitcoin is mentioned, preparing to comment more on cryptocurrencies in general rather than the most famous one. He also speaks about the Ghost coin and protocol that he is about to release and why it matters.

While McAfee is often regarded as a joke figure, it is always interesting to listen between the words because a fierce intellect is at work here. As the founder of the anti-virus McAfee software that is probably on the computer you’re reading this from, nobody should bet against McAfee and his prophecies.

He signs off with his opinion about the popularity of Zoom in the days of Covid and why it is full of holes and a hacker’s dream. This is one episode that should not be missed.

Q&A: 7BC Venture Capital Founders

Andrew Romans and Hazem Danny Al Nakib are the co-founders of 7BC, a venture capital fund using he power of capital, network and technology to back teams disrupting industries and solving global problems toward a more connected, digitized and automated global economy.


7BC Co-Founder Hazem Danny Al Nakib is based in London.

Welcome to Mob76 Outlook, please tell our readers about 7BC

We were founded for a number of reasons. The first is that although digital transformation and the sharing economy has taken the world by storm over the past 20 years, it has been incredible at sharing, transferring and transmitting data and information, but not at transmitting and transferring value.

The second reason is that without targeted capital investments into innovations at a protocol level, standard, and infrastructure level that really aims at connecting systems, their resiliency, privacy, security, and capabilities and focusing far too much on applications, the entire objective of the model of what economies and industries will look like is ultimately lost.

The third is that we wanted to take a holistic approach across a broad and yet still focused mandate at a technological layer across AI, FinTech and software infrastructure – particularly within the financial sector where it has welcomed, in parts digital transformation, but is nascent when it comes to actual digitalisation where value itself has become digital.

Across all of this, it becomes clear that we are thinking about what global and local economies will turn into and our focus is on what underpins those futures that prioritise security, resilience and optimise efficiencies. We are interested in broader waves effective the use of data, implementations of digital identity, the creation of new asset classes, and the future models of connectivity.


7BC Co-Founder Andrew Romans is based in Silicon Valley.

Why is the fund called 7BC Venture Capital?

Our name 7BC Venture Capital signals our ability to assist and support our portfolio companies on all 7 continents of the world and experience a journey together with our network where after receiving our capital support they will travel the 7 seas and develop their business with our support on a global basis through expansion and growth.

The number seven suggests our international LP base and other business support networks and is also a lucky number which is important at early stage investing and entrepreneurship. BC stands for borderless continents and borderless capital while spanning many different technologies. We believe that AI, FinTech and software infrastructure will collectively usher in a new era for humankind. Our mission is to fund, develop and support the startups that create the foundation of this new era. The right teams, the right technology, the right capital, and the right business model.

Why are you focusing on AI, software infrastructure and FinTech?

There are disparate alternatives of what the future can look like. However, from a trend standpoint, we know that barriers to entry into the financial sector continue to lower as technology innovations come to the market. As such, the financial sector is becoming more integrated with other sectors and industries within the sharing economy, particularly around healthcare, travel, identity, hospitality and much more.

The second is that we view software infrastructure, and other forms of possibly decentralised technologies as the digital underpinning for applications that are built and that use other technologies such as AI, IoT and others to deliver products, services, and value.

There have been barriers to the successful deployment of many of these technologies and often it comes down to where the data is, how is it being collected, and is it being used well in a connected and secure environment, particularly when it is now more valuable than gold. And secondly, whether the digital representations of physical objects are easily stored, transferred, and transacted in a more transparent, disintermediated, and automatic way.

We find that changing the narrative and focusing on building blocks positions us well from a narrative standpoint to build a robust, disruptive and transformational portfolio of companies with both a unique advantage and a unique selling point and differentiator – Where our portfolio companies work together and are complimentary with each other as well. The future is one that will be even more connected, even more automated, and even more digital, that is all we can be certain of.

At what stage of startup investment do you invest?

The majority of our fund is dedicated to series A and growth stage rounds of early stage businesses at the post-product and post-revenue stage where rapid revenue growth, traction, and expansion are the key performance indicators of the business.

However, we do leave some room for a large number of small ticket capital investments at the seed or pre-series A rounds enabling us to double down in future rounds. Our global network of venture partners and ties to universities, incubators and local ambassadors allow us to support the rights teams early on.

Why is 7BC different to the other funds out there?

Every fund can say why they’re different. Most will say it’s their past performance and current network. We can ‘say’ that, but we can also ‘show’ you. We will continue to show you our network and continue to develop it.

In many cases the network is at our 7BC LP investor, team, VC co-investment / syndication and service provider layers, but our favourite is our own current and former portfolio CEOs and founders supporting our evolving global community, and that brings past performance to current and future financial performance. 

Any advice to startups when the pitch to you?

Really it always comes down to the basics. If the four biggest factors for success in real estate are location, location, location, the biggest factors for success in our lenses are team, team, team, market, technology, traction and who else is supporting this startup? 

Innovations come from having a new technology, at the right time, in the right place with a the right business model. That is what we’re looking for. Where is value not being captured, and where can value be better captured and best delivered?

But with all things, it is a story and depends on the facts of the case at hand – keep it simple, tell your story, have your reason and purpose that drives you and your team, and implement it then demonstrate in your pitch how you’ve been implementing it and what you plan on doing. 

Stick to facts and what is there specifically, what you have accomplished and what you will. As long as that can be shown tangibly and clearly, then you’ll attract the right capital, partners, and team members. Sometimes it is a numbers game, sometimes it’s a bit of your gut and vision, but above all it’s a mixture of demonstrating delivery, having laser sharp focus, being consistent, and being surrounded by the best team in an area of the market that you’ve identified is missing or lacking something. 

We know that our cash cheque is important, but if we can’t see how we can add value in other ways we don’t invest. This often comes down to our experience, advice and network. We believe that is how all early stage investing should be. Good startups will always attract plenty of funders in any boom or bust economy. The best funders need to demonstrate how they will add value and then deliver that value whilst constantly growing their reputation. It’s that simple. Add value or don’t invest. 

BlockSpeak 7 – Olga Feldmeier CEO Smart Valor

BlockSpeak 7 addresses crypto regulation and role of Switzerland.

BlockSpeak 7BlockSpeak 7 focuses on the thorny issue of crypto regulation and where things currently stand in this murky and unpredictable world.

In this interview with Smart Valor CEO Olga Feldmeier, we find out where Switzerland stands in this world and it’s higher and more engaged than many might think. Based in Zug near Geneva, in so-called Crypto Valley, Feldmeier is gong-ho about the country’s positioning within crypto.

While other European countries such as Malta, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein style themselves as blockchain ‘islands’ or similar, Feldmeier points out Switzerland’s history as one of the immovable centers of capital and money.

Whether it was the reputation as a country where anybody’s money could be stashed and hidden in a Swiss bank amount, Feldmeier explains that the country has moved on to become a pioneer in crypto, with support from across the country’s regulation sector.

A star on the conference circuit, where she was a real crypto queen and not like the infamous villain of the crypto world, Feldmeier is one of the few women in crypto who wields real power and not like the pantomime figures who dominate.

Feldmeier is unique, not just because she is a woman in this market, but because she shares a birthday with our interviewer Monty Munford, celebrated two years ago at Money2020 in Amsterdam.

While that occasion was celebrated with early-morning champagne and the world of crypto regulation is not a subject that is completely rock n’ roll, this interview lays out the complicated future of crypto regulation and why it is still something to celebrate.

Zug is the home of Ethereum and it is no surprise that a cluster of crypto companies has formed in this town near Geneva. Feldmeier talks about why her company Smartvalor is making a huge contribution to the future of cryptocurrencies.