ANC REVIEW: Tranya Nova Lite Wireless Buds


ANC is an acronym usually associated with South Africa and the name of the African National Congress, in turn associated with Nelson Mandela and the overthrow of apartheid. In this case, however, it applies to Active Noise Cancellation and the overthrow of annoying outside noise, a technology that has become increasingly attractive in a world of external chaos.

It’s no surprise that the people of today are happy to retreat into their headphones to experience a world of their making, not one out of control.

So step forward the Tranya Nova Lite ANC Wireless Buds, a cheaper alternative to Apple’s excessively overpriced Airpods and excellent value for those looking for a listening experience that is not based on brand, but on sound quality. Readers also get a 15% discount if they to to the official Tranya website and use code: Novalite15.

Tranya has been selling this type of product for a few years and have been previously reviewed on this website, usually with very good reviews. So, what of this particular iteration of its ANC wireless buds?

They’re good, very good and even if they are bit more fiddly to get going than Airpods, it’s worth the trouble. My ANC Wireless Buds came in an Apple shade of white, but there are other colors, most notably black.

There’s little to choose between AirPods, they look the same and easy to connect to a device through Bluetooth 5.3 and can be attached and switched to/with two devices at once through the three listening modes of ANC, normal and transparency mode.

The ANC is excellent with an emphasis on letting the noise in and increasing the efficiency of the sound/music. The transparency option not only blocked out annoying outside noise, it also cut out the sound of the wind when talking.

The Tranya Nova Lite ANC Wireless Buds come in the mandatory chargeable case via a USB-C connection or a wireless charging made. The company says that the battery life can last up to 36 hours, but a more realistic, although still excellent, nine hours is the norm.

I’m not an Apple fan and have rarely used Airpods, but I can’t imagine they’re much better than these wireless buds… and customers won’t have to pay the earth to receive great sounds, with fantastic ANC.

Recommended Christmas purchase.

FIVE GOLD GIFTS… #5 – Brentford FC half season ticket

beesticketMuch has been made about a certain star crossing the Sinai desert and an alleged Christmas miracle more than 2,000 years ago.

Be that as it may, the past six years have seen a real miracle occur at a certain meeting-point in West London called Griffin Park as Brentford FC failed to ever succeed.

After biblical traumas that would have tested any saint, let alone a religious adept, this Christmas will see Brentford FC challenging for promotion to the Premier League.

Griffin Park is destined for demolition in two years’ time as Brentford move to a bigger ground, but a Christmas present of a ‘half season’ ticket would enable you to join 12,000 other lucky souls to watch the miracle unfold. This may be the best thing you may ever do. I implore you to do so.

Monty’s Social Outlook – Issue 15

Last month a 16-year-old girl from one of Thailand’s wealthiest families was charged with driving without a licence and causing death by reckless driving after ploughing into a public minibus on a Bangkok toll road.

Nine people were killed and the girl’s alleged culpability was compounded when a picture was published of her idly leaning against a barrier on her BlackBerry after the accident. This led to a ‘hater’ Facebook campaign that now has 300,000 users signed up. Continue reading