FIVE GOLD GIFTS… #5 – Brentford FC half season ticket

beesticketMuch has been made about a certain star crossing the Sinai desert and an alleged Christmas miracle more than 2,000 years ago.

Be that as it may, the past six years have seen a real miracle occur at a certain meeting-point in West London called Griffin Park as Brentford FC failed to ever succeed.

After biblical traumas that would have tested any saint, let alone a religious adept, this Christmas will see Brentford FC challenging for promotion to the Premier League.

Griffin Park is destined for demolition in two years’ time as Brentford move to a bigger ground, but a Christmas present of a ‘half season’ ticket would enable you to join 12,000 other lucky souls to watch the miracle unfold. This may be the best thing you may ever do. I implore you to do so.

Why I love TweetDeck as much as Brentford FC

When I lived in India for two years and spent my professional life working in an infinite number of internet cafes, my silent pleasure was to change the home page of every computer to that of my football team, Brentford FC.

It probable wasn’t the most grown-up thing in the world to do, but it made me giggle every time I looked over at a newcomer to the cafe frowning at their newly opened home page. I’m unsure if it brought any extra converts to Griffin Park but Situationist until I die etc. Continue reading