Metaverse Q&A – Javier Perez, Group Sport


Welcome to Mob76 Outlook, Javier, could you tell us more about Group Sport?

Thank you for the invitation! Group Sport is a sports, entertainment and technology company. We are revolutionising the sports fan experience by introducing Web3 and the metaverse. 

According to FIFA there at 5B football fans around the world. The best players from around the world come to play in Europe, bringing their fans with them. This means the fanbase for European football is worldwide.

However, fans in China or Indonesia and other places far from Europe are unlikely to ever visit the home ground of their favorite European teams. We can give this ‘home ground feeling’ to fans via digital twin stadiums and cities via Web3.

Within the metaverse we are able to have fans engage with their favourite team, interact with their favourite players, and be involved with day-to-day decision making for the team they follow.

By introducing NFTs for our fans, our fans will have a voice in the overall club experience. Group Sport plans to replicate this across multiple sports, including international football/soccer, basketball, hockey and Major League Baseball.

You have had an extraordinary career in football. Can you explain to our readers?

My career in football began as a US National team and professional player, then I transitioned to a career as a Marketing Executive for 28 years in international sports in general.

I spent 14 years of my career working in International Football/soccer with the Federation, European leagues, European teams and Top athletes in sports that include International football/soccer, tennis, golf and basketball.

NFTs are having another moment after the hype of Version 1.0. How are you doing things differently?

The way NFTs have been sold in the past was that NFT owners would own something that was digital, something they may see on their handheld device or computer, but otherwise had no value. What makes us different is that our NFT holders own a real asset.  They are an integral part of the sports club/team. The NFT owner may be involved as much as they want.

Depending on which NFT they own, they may be a season ticket holder, attend private team events, or even travel with the team. They may be part of the group that makes decisions on the team’s uniform colours and design for the upcoming season. 

Every NFT holder has access to the metaverse where they can watch a match in our digital twin of the real stadium, interact with other fans, and even players from the club at pre and post-game events. 

So you can have the experience of attending a match on the team’s home ground even if you live on the other side of the world. These are a few of the ways we are doing things differently than NFT version 1.0.

What makes your football metaverse better than any other one out there?

The Metaverse is very new and innovative.  The quality of the animations are photo realistic, really incredible next-level just on the visual level. So your experience watching a game in the digital twin stadium, or even walking around the team’s home city, will be exciting.

You will be able to shop, attend music events, or even have your own apartment in the digital twin city. We are designing fan experiences with team sponsors. They may engage with the new Apple, Samsung and Sony products or test drive the new Electric Audi or BMW and best of all interact with the team superstar pre and post-game. 

We have created the fan meet and greet with the team players.  The fans may engage with players from any of our teams from any sport we have available. It’s going to be a place where our fans will want to visit often, where they will make real friends, and share their love of their team.

When will your NFTs be available?

Our NFT drop is happening in phases and we expect a great turn out over the next few weeks. There are only a limited number, we are keeping our Group Sport NFT community very select, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to get involved!

After Argentina’s World Cup victory, global interest in sport has never been higher. 

We have seen extreme interest in South America, China, Japan, the Middle East and Russia. We thank all of them for their support! One way we are celebrating the exciting World Cup final is to hold a drawing, once our NFT sale has closed, for a signed Lionel Messi Argentina jersey with a certificate of authenticity. 

Where do you see the next area of growth? North America?

North America has always had an appetite for new and innovative NFTs, and professional soccer there is growing by leaps and bounds. We also expect new NFT holders to come from the UK, Europe and Latin America.  

What are your expectations for Group Sport in 2023?

Group Sport is on track to own four clubs/teams in 2023.  Teams/clubs in International Football/soccer, NBA and NHL.  We are currently in negotiations with five teams.  It is a great start for us here at Group Sport. For the latest information be sure to visit our website at, there’s going to be a lot happening in the coming year.


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