The glass ceiling for Saudi Arabia women begins to crack

saudi_arabian_womenAthlete Sarah Attar appears to have shattered some very thick glass ceilings when she became the first Saudi Arabia woman to appear in an Olympics in London last year.

Her debut may have been inauspicious in its sporting achievement, but ‘the Kingdom’ has since been forced to loosen its appalling treatment of women. Simple actions such as driving a car were banned for women, but a recent diktat has told Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia (religious police) not to arrest women for doing so. Continue reading

In the Lebanon… play and avoid flying shisha pipes for iPad and UNESCO

Lebanon-based iOS developer Game Cooks has launched its new game Run for Peace on the iPad and 5% of all proceeds will be donated to UNESCO.

The game sells for $1.99 so that’s 10 cents per download and follows the adventures of one Salim who ‘avoids dangerous obstacles on the way to bringing peace to the Middle East’ starting in Saudi Arabia and ending in Algeria.

The press release describes the difficulty of being a developer in the Middle East because of ‘fighting outside of (sic) your office’, which is a little melodramatic, have they never heard of South London?

However, the part that most appealed to me were the flying shisha pipes that Salim has to avoid. That’s GOT to be worth $1.99…