LOVEFILM needs to open its ears to subtitles for the deaf


A 10,000-strong petition, backed by the UK’s largest deaf charity and TV stars and writers, is calling on LOVEFiLM to provide subtitles for viewers with hearing loss.

Currently, deaf customers of LOVEFiLM are not aware if will receive the latest movies or hit shows with subtitles until they arrive, something that can be extremely frustrating especially during Christmas.

According to Ofcom, 67% of people with hearing loss say that TV is important to them, rising to 74% of people who are severely deaf. People with hearing loss watch TV for an average of 4.3 hours a day, compared with average viewing across the UK of 3.46 hours a day.

The petition is urging the distributor to offer subtitles for their On-Demand and postal service, and information on subtitle availability on films and boxsets before payment.

Stephanie McDermid, who is deaf, said: I wish they would make it clear at the outset whether content is subtitled or not. They should, like Netflix consider the 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss. Despite numerous correspondence flagging this issue, LOVEFiLM refuses to engage and I am urging people to sign the petition, which will hopefully force a response.’

Digital is bringing football to the point of collapse

GUEST POST: Joel Windels tweets here and is the Community Director for social media measuring company Brandwatch

digital footballFootball is on the brink of financial collapse. It’s an issue that relevant governing bodies have scrambled to address in varying ways, but the problems are rooted far deeper than fickle billionaires and greedy footballers.

The digital revolution has been stampeding through almost every entertainment industry – which few will deny is what football ultimately is – as the footsteps of technological advances leave no cultural opiate untrodden. Continue reading