German trains do not run on time and the Berlin Wall never went away

This time last Friday I was having a beer breakfast in Berlin awaiting a taxi to take me two hours south to the iconic MLOVE conference near Leipzig… I had just arrived from Warsaw where I’d seen Italy beat Germany 2-1 at the Euros.

Suffice to say the taxi finally arrived and we drove along the spine of Germany to arrive at a castle for the final afternoon of the conference. As the car wended along what used to be the West/East German border my mind drifted back to my previous visit to Berlin almost 30 years ago. Continue reading

The Orange EUFA EURO 2012 app spells the end of the football tournament wall chart

Orange and UEFA have launched the only Official UEFA mobile app for this summer’s Euros across eight platforms and in 11 languages.

The app is free and includes geolocation and augmented reality features. Fans will also be able to share content from the app on Facebook and Twitter as well as view premium video hightlights.

Morevoer, for those lucky enough to attend the tournament, visitors to Poland and Ukraine can use the app for information about the cities they’re visiting, information about the stadiums and all-important travel information.

This is all very well, and I can report that the app can do just about anything, but somewhere deep inside me something stirs.

Yes, it’s the memory of the scruffy print wall chart Sellotaped to the fridge looks as it has been consigned to the past, rather like England’s 1966 World Cup tournament.

Tempus fugit, tempus fugit