Google and Code Club go back to school… teachers


Code Club, with the support of Google and CAS (Computing at Schools), has launched a nationwide training programme to teach core computing skills to primary school teachers.

Code Club is a not-for-profit, 1,800-strong UK network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11 years old. Its mission is to put a Code Club in every single primary school in the country. Continue reading

How to opt out of appearing in Google online ads

google_adsGoogle is important, Google isn’t particularly evil, but like any internet behemoth it has to be monitored so it doesn’t take the piss.

To that end, if you don’t manually opt out, then Google can use your image in any advertising that it does. We are happy for Google to help discovery our profiles and improve our authority, but using our images for their advertising is one such example of taking the mick.

So here is how you opt of it: Continue reading

The MADNESS of Bonfire Night in Lewes begins…

This is actually the day BEFORE Bonfire Night in the old and ancient town of Lewes in the Sussex Downs. At dusk tonight, the lights of the town are turned down and Bedlam begins.

If this isn’t evidence enough, Google it. In the interim, happy November 5th and watch the traffic cone in the middle of the video.

GamesGRABR says UK gamers prefer being told what to buy

gamesgrabbrA new study from GamesGRABR, the gaming social network, has found that nearly half of UK gamers prefer content that is recommended by friends and other social networks to traditional search engines such as Google.

According to GamesGRABR and as the accompanying image shows, 45% of UK gamers prefer to share. While we were once a nation of shopkeepers, now we appear to be a nation of social butterflies who now jump over the net curtains as opposed to peering through them. Continue reading

How does the growth of your startup compare with Facebook?

startup_facebookThis is a little silly, but might be an app worth looking at if there are companies out there who want to measure the growth of their startup against behemoths such as Facebook, eBay and

The My Startup Story app has been developed by ‘insurance specialists’ Jelf Small Business that allows companies to compare and graph their employee and revenue growth, which can then be shared to other social channels such as Twitter. Continue reading