Mobile ad network InMobi snaps up UK-based Metaflow (for undisclosed sum)

Bangalore-based mobile ad network InMobi has acquired Metaflow Solutions for an undisclosed sum as the company continues to spend its recent $200 million funding.

Metaflow is mobile app management and distribution company that has been working hard in the mobile space for six years. Its CEO Charles McLeod is not only a good friend, but he’s worked his socks off with a great team to make this happen. The acquisition will ‘expand the distribution and monetisation of content for InMobi’s developers and publisher partners.

“At Metaflow, our mission has been to simplify and unify the process surrounding content management and deployment of apps to a distributed and highly fragmented marketplace. The global reach and technology backbone provided by InMobi is hugely exciting for us,” said Charles McLeod, CEO at Metaflow.

On a final note I’d like to thank Charles for the lashings of fizz we consumed on Friday afternoon and just to confirm that I can keep a secret. Nothing as sacrosanct as off-the-record. Congratulations, mate!