Why buy a lottery ticket if Twitter and Sixth Story can do it for you?

UK creative agency Sixth Story has come up with a different approach to social media by promising to share in their ‘Lotto win’ with anybody who engages with them on Twitter.

All ‘Tweeps’ have to do is RT @sixth_story including an image and using the hash tag #comingupsixes and they’ll be in it to win it. Naturally, the agency haven’t yet won the lottery… a fact that did take this writer an inordinate amount of time to work out.

Still, they did get my attention and if they do win the lottery I’ll be biggest twit in town. It will be interesting to see if such a campaign goes viral, but maybe I’ll leave the penultimate word to Sixth Story who sent this to me in an email:

“We want to come up with more fun campaign ideas like this that small businesses can “DIY” and drive the local economy. Maybe we’ll do a series over the next year, something to do with the Olympics… ideas come from anywhere!”

That’s true, ideas come from anywhere… more’s the pity.